Pooja Rijal -Miss Nepali Travellers 2019

Pooja Rijal traveller

Ms. Pooja Rijal is Miss Nepali Travellers 2019.

She started working when she was in 2nd Semester and it was her first-ever job. She was super excited about the job. She was learning a lot from it and was growing up rapidly. She got promoted and her salary was also increased. One fine day, a month after her promotion, she got called to the CEO’s office. Because the company’s model was changing the company might have to lay off some people and somehow she was one of some lay off people.

Pooja Rijal miss atraveller 2019
Photo – Pooja Rijal

In her initial learning and growing phase, where she was incredibly happy and fulfilled it was the most surprising thing for her and because of which she couldn’t speak anything. Though she was angry, anxious, frustrated still she kept quiet and left without a word. And when she got on the elevator and when it slowly dropped by she started to cry, with the elevator all her achievements, confidence seemed to be going down. Later on, when she was not doing anything, people started to ask her, what next? , which really bucked her a lot.

She was messed up after her recent breakup from her job and months went by doing nothing. And after her sister’s counseling, she took the job, a part-time job at Impact Investment Firm as a Consultant which she had no zero knowledge. Just because she didn’t want to go home right after college and also that she would get paid every month. Meanwhile, she was confused and still figuring out what to do about the job that she was not passionate about.

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She started to hop into a lot of jobs, jobs which didn’t match with each other but still,  she consoled herself that it was ok. Then, she started to study Bachelors in Banking-Insurance, not because she wanted to work in that field but because she didn’t want to lose a year. She still could not figure it out. She started to read a lot of blog posts on the internet. Everything was moving so fast that she couldn’t keep up with anything until one fine day.

She applied for ‘Solo Women Travellers Challenge’, a travel challenge for women which takes them to a new journey. She went through a lot of application process and she finally got it. She had to travel all alone by herself because it was one of the conditions. She then planned to walk from her home in Kathmandu to Gokyo and Everest base camp alone for 33 days. She wasn’t certain that she could make it.

Pooja Rijal
Photo: Pooja Rijal

She wanted to reach the destination so bad that at one point she realized that she was missing out a lot of moments along the way just to get to one moment that she had no idea what it’s gonna be like. That is when she realized which was one of the turning points in her life.


“I don’t want to know where I’m gonna be in the next 5 years from now, or what I am gonna be into. I might be writing, singing, dancing or a business person, I might also change my career, I might take a job or I might also be traveling who knows but I knew was that if I settle around waiting for my passion to show up and then have it all figured it out then I’m gonna be waiting for a long time. So, I’m gonna put all my interest in what I love doing and not knowing how far will it take me and not knowing what it is going to be in the next 10 years and I think that it is ok. I am not gonna stop trying, I’m just gonna go with the flow.” – Pooja Rijal 

Ms. Pooja Rijal was always a curious kid who loved exploring things out. Here, she shares how traveling has helped her figure out the real essence of life.

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