Parakram SJB Rana Biography

Parakram SJB Rana Biography

Parakram SJB Rana is an emerging young fashion stylist and blogger based in Mumbai, India. He has recently got popular through TikTok. Want to know more about Parakram SJB Rana, then keep reading.




Parakram SJB Rana
Mother’s Name Sneha Rana


Sister’s Name Sunaina RL Rana


Birthplace Kathmandu, Nepal


Nationality Nepali


Workplace Mumbai, India


Age 26 years


Education Graduation from Mumbai University in Mass communication, Completed Vogue Fashion Certificate course’ from Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, London.
Profession Stylist and blogger


Who is Parakram SJB Rana?

Parakram Rana is a young, handsome and enthusiastic stylist and blogger. Besides that, he does photoshoots and video editing. In-country like Nepal, LGBTQ community people, are still in shadow due to fear from society. But, he is open about his sexuality as gay has become an inspiration for many others like him.

The early life of Parakram SJB Rana

Parakram was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, in a well-off family. Besides him, he has one elder sister Sunaina RL Rana and his ever-young mother, Sneha Rana. His mother, Sneha, was very supportive of her children. 

Parakram Rana spent his whole childhood in Kathmandu with his family. He was into creative things since childhood and is very good at theatre and plays. Besides that, he used to spend lots of time learning video editing. 

Parakram Rana with his family
Parakram Rana with his family/ Instagram


Parakram is now 26 years old, but not much is known about his exact birth date.


Parakram mentioned that he used to like guys since childhood, and people used to bully him because of his behaviour. But, while growing up, he became more mature, understanding and stronger to stand out as a gay in-crowd.


He completed high school in Kathmandu. And then he moves to ‘The city of dream,’ Mumbai, to fulfill his dream. He has completed a bachelor’s in Mass- media advertising from Mumbai University. He has also finished the ‘Vogue Fashion Certificate course’ in 2019 from Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design London.

Parakram SJB Rana – Career 

Since childhood, he has wanted to be in the fashion field. So, after his bachelor’s, he got an opportunity to do an internship at Vogue India for three months in 2015. During those three months, he contacted many stylists and began his journey as a stylish. 

Parakram has assisted many celebrity stylists, including Anisha Gandhi, Priyanka Kapadia, Rochelle Dsa, Anisha Jain and many more. Besides, he started styling independently. The first project by himself was with ever-green beauty queen Bollywood Actress Manisha Koirala. This project went very well, and Manisha Koirala loved his work. To date, he has worked with other popular celebrities of Bollywood, including Priyanka Chopada also.

Along with styling, he is creating content for his blog “the style-versatile” and Instagram from 2017. Parakram mentioned in some of his interviews, being stylish is not easy. It needs lots of dedication, passion and sometimes it can be nerve-racking.

He recently interviewed Nepali actress Priyanka Karki’s popular show “Chopchop diaries” and won the heart of every Nepalese with his charming personality.



Relationship status

Parakram has open about his sexuality, but he had dated a girl back in school and realized his feeling for boys. He mentioned he is focused on his career; therefore, he is single till now.

Social media activity 

Tiktok has become the source to bring hidden talented personalities among us. Parakram SJB Rana is one of them. He started making TikTok videos in 2019 and soon become popular among thousands of people. His tiktok account Para.Para. Para has more than 80K followers. He is more active in TikTok nowadays than on another platform. He posts funny skits and fun videos with his family.

Parakram is equally active on Instagram as @parakhamrana and has about 64.5 K followers to date. He also earns from Instagram by posting videos on style and fashion. Similarly, he has started his vlogging journey through his own Youtube channel named ‘Parakram Rana’ with a 23.9K subscriber.

Parakram SJB Rana
Parakram SJB Rana/Twitter

Net worth 

Parakram has not opened up about his exact earning till now. But, he earns enough money through styling, Instagram posting and blogging.

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