Nepali Trends is a random blog started back on November 3rd, 2017 by two IT graduates with the intention of informing people with valuable content. We cover food, travel, nature, science and tech, startups, business, entertainment, education from all around the world that has a direct relation with Nepali people. We try to avoid political news as we all fed up with it.

Our Team

Bikash Rai

Bikash Rai

Fullstack Digital Marketer

Bikash Rai is a digital marketer and graphics designer. He has a very deep interest in online business and all current affairs about data science and technology. As an SEO person, he tries to improve this blog day by day by implementing the latest updates and algorithms. His passion, dedication and quick decision-making ability make him stand apart from others.

You can contact him @Facebook.
Email id: hellobikashrai@gmail.com

Sudip katwal

Sudip Katwal

Web Developer

Sudip Katwal is a web developer based on NodeJS technology. He is passionate about technology and trending topics happening around the world. He is currently working as a web developer in EBPearls.

You can contact him @Facebook.
Email id: sudipkatwal21@gmail.com

Shraddha Shakya

Shraddha Shakya

Content Writer

Shraddha Shakya is a content writer .Her passion in writing and her research skills makes her stand apart from others. She is committed to satisfy your appetite for the content .
You can contact her through Facebook
Email id : sakyagongui@gmail.com

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