Oasis Thapa | Biography, Age , Birthday, Songs

NameOasis Thapa
Birth dateAugust 26
Birth placeKathmandu, Nepal
OccupationSinger/Song writer
GenreSad, Melancholic, Acoustic
DebutJuni Vari lai ( 2019)
Popular songsJuni vari lai , Jani najani , Sunna , Aparichit Bhawana
Oasis Thapa is a popular indie singer/songwriter who is best known for his songs like Juni vari lai, Aparichit Bhawana, Sunna, and Jani Najani. Oasis is a self-taught singer and songwriter who writes, records, and produces his song on his own. He has more than 100 k subscribers on Youtube and more than 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


Oasis Thapa was born on August 26 in Kathmandu. He began his musical career as a teenager when he used to do some music in school. He then started to explore various genres more deeply. He realized this is something he wants to do. He wanted to learn music and applied to a school but he didn’t get in. He couldn’t study formal music since he didn’t have support from the family. He then persuaded his father to get him a guitar and started learning it on his own through guitar tutorials on Youtube.

Oasis Thapa with her mother.


Slowly, he started to write and compose his own songs. Facebook was a great platform for him to showcase his talent and thus, he posted his song called ‘ An apology to my ex ‘ on his Facebook. He was expecting instant fame and appreciation but he only got just 37 likes and one comment with middle-finger emojis. He was flabbergasted. But, this didn’t demotivate him but he thought that he must work harder and started writing more and more songs.


Oasis Thapa taught himself music to the point he was finally confident to compose and produce his own songs. He had no resources to record and produce the songs. It was expensive to record the songs in the studio so he made use of everything he had to produce his song. He recorded the song with his phone and some apps and software on his laptop to compose the music. He used a bunch of trial and error methods to get the sound he wants. He still uses the same method to produce his songs.

Underrated debut: Juni Vari lai

Oasis Thapa debuted with the beautiful song Juni Vari Lai on August 26, 2019. He released the song on Youtube on his birthday. The inspiration behind this song was his own break-up story. He had a very terrible breakup and started to write the song expressing his own feelings. He finished writing the entire song in 3 hours. Most of the people could relate to the lyrics and the song was publically acclaimed. He gained loyal fan followers but the song was still underrated on its release.

Stairs to success: Kura, Timi ra ma, and Kalpana

Oasis Thapa started to make more music such as Kura, Timi ra ma, Tibra Chahana, and Kalpana. He composed and produced Timi ra ma in a week and uploaded it to Youtube. He made it into the niche of sad and melancholic songs.

Fame and recognition: Aparichit Bhawana, Sunna and Jani Jani

Oasis Thapa then released songs like Aparichit Bhawana, Sunna, and Jani Jani which helped him to widen his fanbase more. His song Sunna means numb and he says some people misunderstood the title as Suna ( Listen) and Sunna ( Zero). He says he wrote the song when he was feeling down and expressed his feelings through the song. He says he has a second version of the sunna which he does not want to release as the song is too personal. Through these songs, he was slowly getting there towards fame and recognition. People started to recognize his talent and songs.

Hit debut back again

Tiktok was a huge boost up for Oasis Thapa as his underrated debut song Juni Vari lai started getting more attention from the public. The particular line from the song ‘ Mutu tutnu nai parcha ra Maya ko Artha thaha pauna lai ‘ went on viral for its beautiful meaning. The people who went through heartache could totally relate to this statement and the song as a whole. The song went on trending again and many started to cover the songs. Oasis Thapa re-released the song with the music video on March 4, 2021.


  • He loves to listen to sad, indie, and acoustic pop songs.
  • He prefers acoustic songs because he finds them more relaxing.
  • He prefers sweet dishes to spicy dishes.
  • He is a shy and introverted type of person.
  • He feels stage frightened at first.
  • He is good at drawing.