Numa Rai – A 7 Years Little Tiktok Princes 💞💞

numa rai

Numa Rai is a little girl dominating social media for the last few weeks. She is famous for her TikTok videos and acting skills. 7 years princes is famous for acting as a most popular character in Nepali media Fulendeko Aama [originally portraying by Umesh Rai] on Tiktok videos.

Numa Rai with her mother
Numa Rai with her mother Intu Rai

Her mother Intu Rai makes videos on TikTok and at the same time, her little daughter also started making a video on different characters of Fulendeko Aama. In recent days, she is busy giving the interview along with her mother.  She is very talented who loves dancing singing and acting at the same time. Her videos got thousands of love reacts and share across social media.

Although she is good at acting and dancing she wants to be a DOCTOR.

Enjoy some of Numa Rai’s Titok Videos






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