Nirmal Purja AKA “Nims Dai” Biography | 14 Peaks- Nothing Is Impossible

Nirmal Purja/ Nims Dai Biography

After the release of the documentary 14 peaks – nothing is impossible on Netflix, Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai has become the source of inspiration to many youths. Indeed he has created a new history by climbing 14 eight -thousander deadly peaks within seven months. If you want to know in detail about Nims Dai, then keep reading.

Who is Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai?

Nirmal Purja is an ex-British army and a passionate mountain climber who broke different world records on Mountain climbing. Back to back, he held Guinness World records by climbing 14 death peaks just in 6 months six days by breaking the previous record of 8 years. Besides, he was the only Nepalese to join the special British Royal Navy.

Nims Dai

Here is the quick, bio of Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai:

Name Nirmal Purja
Popular as


Nims Dai
Date of birth


25 July 1983
Birth place


Myagdi, Gandaki Province


Now  British
Father’s Name Not known ( Gurkha soldier)
Mother’s Name Not known




Current address


Age 38 years ( as of 2021)
Height 5 feet 8 inches
School Small Heaven School Bharatpur, Nepal
College/University Loughborough University, Loughborough England
Profession Mountaineer and Ex- British Army
Achievements / records ·         Set Guinness World Record by climbing 14 (8K+) peaks just in 6 months 6 days

·         Similarly, set Guinness World Record by climbing Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu just in 48 hours

·         Moreover, first winter ascend of K2 mountain without oxygen cylinder

·         Also, Nirmal Purja published book “Beyond Possible” in 2020.



Wife Suchi Purja
Net worth $5.0 Million (approx.)

Early life and Family

Nirmal Purja was born in a small village of Myagdi districts Nepal on July 25 1983. When he was four years old, his family moved to the Chitwan district, where he spent the rest of his childhood. He was a very energetic and hard-working kid who always followed his passion.

Nirmal Purja with his mother
Nirmal Purja with his mother

As his parents were of different castes, his family was abandoned by society. His father was a Gurkha soldier. Therefore, he was very clear about what he wanted to become in life. To pursue his aim to become a British army, he worked hard even in his school life.

Besides studies, he was good at kickboxing during his school.

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Nirmal Purja – Career and achievements

Military career

Nirmal joined the Gurkha army when he was 20 years in 2003. After serving six years, he applied for the Royal Navy force; which is the most prestigious and elite British unit, in 2009 .Where Nims served as a cold-weather warfare specialist.

Despite his incredible career, he resigned from the special air service (SAS) unit to focus on his passion for mountain climbing. Moreover, he didn’t care for the huge pension he could get if he had served six years more to the air force. Similarly, his Family’s income was the sole earning, but he chose to be a mountaineer.

Nirmal Purja – Mountaineer career

While serving in the army, he got an opportunity to climb Mount Everest in 2012. Since then, he developed his interest in mountain climbing.

Project possible- 14 peaks

After resigning from special force, Nirmal’s mission was to show the world you can achieve anything if you have willpower and strong determination. So, he comes up with the project possible to climb 14 death peaks of the world in just seven months due to his love and passion for mountain climbing.

Along with his team, Nirmal Purja finished his first eight-thousander (death peak) summit on 2019 April 23. Moreover, he completed Nepal’s six death peaks (Mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Kanchenjunga) summit just in a month.  

Further, he completed all 14 eight-thousander peaks before the targeted date, i.e. in 6 months six days. Thus, he was able to break the previous record of 8 years to climb the 14 summits.

Moreover, he broke the previous Guinness World Record by completing Mount Everest, Makalu and Lhotse summit in 2 days and 30 minutes. Besides, he held another record by climbing K2 mountain in winter without an oxygen mask.

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Relationship status

Nirmal is married to Beautiful Suchi Purja, the daughter of a Gurkha soldier. He married Suchi in 2006, and she is very supportive of his career choice, and both are living happily in England.

Nirmal Purja's wife Suchi Purja
Nirmal Purja’s wife Suchi Purja

Net worth

Nirmal /Nims Purja served the British army and did a high death peaks climbing project. He is one of the most successful mountain climbers. According to the sources, his approximate net worth is $5.0

Social media activities

Nirmal Purja was not allowed to be on social media because he was in special force. But, after resigning from the British army, he started appearing on social media. And, slowly, people got to know about him.

He has 1.3 Million followers on his Instagram account @nimsdai, where he updates projects and achievements. Besides, he also has 316K followers on the Facebook account Nirmal Purja .

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