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nepsal website

NEPSAL INC. PVT. LTD has launched a Hybrid Classified Online Marketplace Website, called nepsal.com, in Nepal. This website allows you to buy and sell products online and allows an online platform to find a job for jobseeker and job posting for the employer. We already smell some sort of competition in the classifieds market in Nepal with NEPSAL’s launch. Will they become number one in the nearest future – they very well might.


There’s a new classified website in town and everyone seems to be excited about it. It has about 40 users at a moment. After I found out about it, I hit it straight away to see what it offered. And I got to say that I was impressed.

Say hello to nepsal.com – Nepal’s latest hybrid classified online platform where you can buy, sell, rent anything online and find, post job online. We checked it out and we’re calling it the Legend of the sort all classifieds as it has broad services.

Nepsal.com, a free hybrid classifieds website where you can get many hybrid services, has announced that they shall formally launch operations in Kathmandu on 1st March 2019, with an android app.

As you open the website, you have to signup to get registered so that you can get services of NEPSA.COM. Once you are logged in, you get introduced to what seems like a familiar user interface. It seems so user-friendly and minimal and very easy to use.

The Chief Executive Officer, Jim Karki who disclosed this said “this simple, easy and cost-effective service is set to revolutionize the classifieds industry in Nepal. NEPSAL is quite unique in the sense that it has a different business model as compared to other classifieds.  Our business model is based on Finders to Seekers or Seekers to Finders.

We have a separate niche platform which has specialization in each of the services like jobs listing, real estate, autos and so forth under a single domain. The word Hybrid must be highlighted because we will be coming with more services and features very soon. The recently launched website has many cool features like likes, dislikes, report, wishlist, comments, seller reviews, order button for a particular quantity ordering like e-commerce, the free post of vacancy, apply features and more. We are a Hybrid Marketplace as there is no other such marketplace in Nepal. We have a very strong team and this marketplace will happen soon. ”.

The COO, Pujan Shrestha said, “It provides a platform for the sellers who want to sell online as it has features like order now button for the first-hand item so users can easily sell their item for free. It is the whole marketplace where different sellers and buyers meet together across different places of Nepal. There are lots of eCommerce websites and apps in Nepal but NEPSAL will act as an all-in-one combination of such e-commerce because it has broad features and our marketing team is working very hard to collaborate with many sellers all around Nepal.

We will come up with the 900 outlets of shops at the first launch very soon. Sellers can post their product for free in the 1st version which has already been launched but it might take some percentage of profit from the seller at the final version of the application later which will come up with very exciting features. We also have a job posting features with apply features and jobseeker portfolio features in our website where jobseeker and employer meet at the same place. We have lots of exciting features in the job section as well.”

nepsal website

Unique Features:

√ Real Estate Listing
√ Free Job Listing with applying and CV features
√ Vehicles Listing
√ Seller Reviews
√ Q and A Reviews
√ Likes and Dislikes
√ Hire and Reject Button
√ Bidding System
√ Free Portfolio view of jobseeker for an employer.
√ A platform for jobseeker and employer
√ Classified listing and more.

The final version of the application will come with more exciting features. They include :
√ Real-time chat room
√ Bidding System and more…

Grow your Business with Us’, is the slogan you see boldly written on its homepage – it’s simple nature on web and mobile is what will attract a lot of users, at a time where quite a lot of Nepalese web platforms still look a bit too complex for everyday Nepal.

For now, go and use exiting services of Hybrid Marketplace Nepal.com and let us know what you think.

Success So far and Plans for the Future

With an immense amount of hard work and effort, the Nepsal team has come a long way since its launch. They are selected for the NEXT LAUNCHPAD  awarded as the emerging Startup Company launched By NEXT VENTURE CORP.

Nepsal in Glance

  • Founded on: 1th January 2019
  • Where is it based: All Over Nepal
  • What is it about: Online platform for Finders and Seekers
  • Sector: Entire Marketplace
  • Unique Feature: hire and reject button, free job posting for a recruiter, free apply feature, Order Now Button, Likes, dislikes, seller reviews, comments, ratings, etc.
  • URL:nepsal.com


NEPSAL has a core team of 10 members: Pramod Bhandari, Amrita Basnet, Roshan Phuyal, Semanta Karki, Pujan Shrestha, Shrijana Bista, Madhav Subedi, Ramesh Limbu and Jim Karki is a Director and also the CEO of Nepsal.

Q/A with Jim Karki, Founder, and President, NEPSAL

Why did you start this company? What excites you about it? 

The company was started with the aim “Grow your Business with us” where every business can store their product online and sell their items. We are also involved in finding the real estate finding rooms and flats and so on where most of the people of Nepal are suffering from difficulty finding rooms and apartments.  We also provide free job post of the vacancy for the business where small business can hire people easily. Our revenue generation is best on featured aid posting, featured vacancy announcement. The way of doing things with the help of latest technology of internet excites me mostly.

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

I see my company growing in the next 5 years. The way of doing things with the help of latest technology ie internet is growing day by day. In the coming years, most of the things will be done on the internet and I can see the future of my company. As we know most of the company need to innovate we are also working in the chat room project and our company will be coming with more innovative ideas in the coming years.

Why did you pick this business to work on? Are you an expert in this area? 

Of course, no one is perfect in everything. But I know that I can make work it out someday. As I have told the increase in doing things with the help of latest technology like the internet is growing, I choose this business to work on. I have lots of things to learn in this area.

Which part of your business do you want to improve upon? 

I would like to improve my marketing side of the company, learn to have networking, attract investors, make a brand, make an international franchise, innovative areas and do things with the help of latest technology.

Who are your competitors? What differentiates you from your competitors? 

Actually, we have lots of competitors. The way of making the things done with the help of latest technology differentiates us from competitors. We are a hybrid company where people can do multiple things like finding jobs, posting jobs, finding 1st hand products, finding 2nd hand products, etc with a single click. Well, we are in the phase of innovation and we will bring real-time integrated chat room and many exiting features where seekers and finders meet online. We believe that innovation is the main thing that differentiates us from competitors.

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