Must Listen Nepali Podcasts For Entrepreneurs & Students

nepali podcast to listen

How many of you have a habit of listening to podcasts? If not the then you better do it. It is because of listening podcasts saves your time while learning the lots of things parallelly. You can listen to podcasts while working, gymming, commuting or even cooking. In fact, podcasting has become the best way of sharing and gaining knowledge in today’s time.

Here I am listing out the best podcasts of Nepal that you should not miss out. These podcasts are best for those who are studying, working or even running businesses. Different personalities from different fields of business share their experiences. By listening to these podcasts, you get insights into the business scenario in Nepal. Which ultimately, helps you to grow both personally and professionally.

Let’s listen these podcasts and get INSPIRED!

1.The Doers Nepal

The Doers Nepal

From the date, I came to know about The Doers Nepal, I have become the regular listener of this podcast.  Thanks to Mr. Anup Ghimire for this effort.

The doers believe that Nepal has tons of opportunities and this channel wants to bring those people who are doing amazing things and talk to them about why and how are they doing the things they are doing. These people are the doers and we believe the young generation has a lot to learn from these people.

The Doers is a Nepali platform build for people who have been doing things around the different domains. They invite people who come and share their ideas and opinion about the thing that matter. In the midst of all the blame of having no opportunity and scope, Doers’ intention is to shed some light on the amazing things that are being done in this land full of opportunity.

Leaders from across the business spectrum share ideas about how to built your organization whether working in the non-profit, public or private sectors you will hear tips from emerging or recognized leader that is sure to inspire.

2. Mero 2 Paisa

mero 2 paisa youtube channel

Another best podcast I am going to talk about is Mero 2 Paisa run by Mr. Aashish Adhikari. You can get the ongoing scenario of the business, entrepreneurship in Nepal. Mero 2 Paisa is started with the belief that “every person has a perspective in life that is created through experiences, struggles, failures, and many different things and when shared and expressed, and when received in the right way, can create an immense impact in somebody’s life. So, sharing of that 2 cents worth of perspective is what Mero Dui Paisa is all about”.

Mero 2 Paisa’s core believes are Entrepreneurship, Spiritual and Adventurous.

Entrepreneurship – Each house needs to start producing and encouraging an entrepreneur, change-maker and problem solver.

Spiritual- In order for Nepal to rise, the young population will have to rediscover its richness in the spiritual past and adapt to it with their modern abilities.

Adventurous – In order for Nepal to more forward, the young population will have to find the inner strength and drive to take on adventurous paths in order to challenge the status quo.

Apart from these channels following are some of the worth following and listening podcast channels.

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