If you are a fan of a rap song, we have come up with the list of the top 8 most talented Nepali rappers. You might have been charmed by many international rappers’ rap songs and music. However, Nepal also progressed a lot in rap culture in a very short period. Similarly, Nep-hop (Nepali form of hip hop) has got recognition in the international rap world. We have listed the name of some talented and finest rappers who will make you speechless. 

Top 8 Most talented Nepali rappers of all time

1. Yama Buddha

Although Yama Buddha is no longer with us, his rap song took Nepali rap culture to the next level. His real name was Anil Adhikari. In 2017 he was found dead in an apartment in London. But, his lively rap songs will continue inspiring all the youth.

Yama Buddha was one of the finest rappers in Nepal. Also, he is considered the king of Nepali hip-hop. Similarly, he was the founder and presenter of RAW BARZ, a popular rap battle show. His popular songs are ‘Saathi,’ ‘Aama,’ ‘Footpath Mero Ghar,’ ‘Yo Prasanga,’ etc.

Yama Buddha

2. Laure

Laure is one of the most talented Nepali rappers. His real name is Ashish Rana. Besides rap, he is an actor and judge at the Reality show Himalaya Roadies.

He came into the limelight from the movie ‘Tandav.’ However, he got recognition as a rapper through RAW BARZ. Yama Buddha brought him to the show. If you have watched the show, ‘Laure vs. Uniq poet’ was one of the famous battles of that show.

Some of his popular songs are ‘Mero Solta, ‘Case No.420’, ‘Nephop Ko Bato’, and many more.

3. Most talented Nepali rappers – VTEN

VTEN Aka Samir Ghising is one of the most talented Nepali rappers. He gained popularity after the release of his song ‘Churot.’ He began his rap career at the age of 15.

 Although he had to face many struggles, his determination and hard work made him what he is today. Similarly, he is the first Nepali rapper to gain millions of followers on his YouTube channel. His popular songs are ‘Katha,’ ‘Simsime Pani,’ ‘Hami Yestai Ta Honi Bro,’ and many more.

4. Uniq poet

The real name of the Uniq poet is Utsaha Joshi. He is from Bhaktapur and began his rapping journey from school. However, he became popular from the show RAW BARZ. “Uniq poet vs. Laure” was the most-watched and famous rap battle of the first season of that show. His songs will touch your heart.

Uniq poet

5. Most talented Nepali rappers- MC Flo

The real name of MC Flo is Anurag Sharma. He is one of the talented and finest rappers of Nepal. His lyrics are very inspiring. Some of his popular songs are ‘Hami Sangai Ta Chhau Ni,’ ‘Maile Haasna Sikey,’ and ‘Aawaz.’

6. Yodda

Yodda, also known as Shanam Gurung, is a London-based one of the most talented Nepali rappers. He has a unique style of rapping. He got popular after the release of his song ‘Kharab Bani.’ Besides, other popular songs are ‘Malai Baal,’ ‘Vanna Sakdina,’ ‘Goppey,’ and ‘Malai Bachauna.’

7. Most talented Nepali rappers- Nasty

Nasty, also known as Abhishek Baniya, is one of Nepal’s talented and finest rappers. He has been very passionate about rap songs since school. And he had to face many challenges but became popular in 2013 through the show RAW BARZ. Further, his album’ Khatra so Khatra’ was another hit in the Nephop community.

8. Manas Ghale

Manas Ghale is one of the finest rappers since the early 2000s. He debuted in the Nephop community with the album ‘KTM reality’ along with his group – Nepsydaz. Further, ‘Sukeko Jiuma Loorey Ko Bal’ is his solo album which game his popularity. 


These are the top 8 most talented Nepali rappers who will blow your mind. However, the list and ranking can vary based on personal choices and opinions. Let us know who is your favorite Nepali rappers of all time. 

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