MNS Investments Acquired Nepali Trends for 2M Nrs.

Nepali Trends April Fool

After acquiring a giant online marketplace Hamrobazar.com,  MNS Investments has made a big decision to acquire popular trending blog site Nepali Trends dot com for 2 million Nrs (20 Lakhs). The site had gained an impressive following from Nepalese users and has been one of the top blog sites in Nepal for years now. The site gains major visitor (60%) from Nepal followed by (20%) from India, 6% from Australia, and other from the US, Japan and rest of the countries.

Unveiling a public letter, MNS Investments thanked Nepali Trends founders duo Bikash Rai and Sudip Katwal. Nepali Trends under the MNS will be focused on publishing trending stories of Nepal as it is already established among a wide range of audiences. Nepali Trends already has millions of readers and brand image in Nepal and even other countries 😉.

MNS Investments seems more than happy to buy Nepali Trends for such a cheap price but nepalitrends founders Bikash and Sudip seems little bit unhappy. However, it is big acheivement for MNS Investments to make Nepali Trends a part of its company.

Just kidding guys, Happy April First Day 😉