Miss Nepal 2020 : Meet the Beautiful 21 Contestants

Miss Nepal 2020 has finally shortlisted 21 contestants vying for the crown this year. The auditions were already held outside the Kathmandu Valley before the lockdown was imposed. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the auditions in Kathmandu were postponed and so was the Miss Nepal 2020 pageant. But, The hidden treasure held a Kathmandu audition at Park Village Resort in Budhanilakantha of Kathmandu maintaining the social distancing. The hidden treasure assured that keeping in mind the present situation, the contestants will be PCR tested and will be residing separately at Park Village Resort where the remaining two weeks of training will be completed

The shortlisted contestants will go through a five-week virtual training and grooming workshop for the finale of Miss Nepal which is scheduled for December 5.

Let’s meet the Miss Nepal 2020 contestants.

1) Ayushma Shrestha

Ayushma Shrestha is from Chitwan. The 19 years old is an undergraduate student who aspires to be a successful writer. She has published a book named Yashita.

2) Rajani Chaudhary 

Rajani Chaudhary is 21 years old BBS undergraduate. She is 6 ft tall. In 2018, She almost fell victim to human trafficking and she believes through Miss Nepal she will have the voice and the power to aware and empower people.

3) Shubhangi Khatri

21 years old Shubhangi Khatri is representing Bhaktapur. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Dentistry.

4) Arnica Rajbhandari 

Arnica Rajbhandari is 25 years old entrepreneur working in an e-commerce company named Makuree. She has completed her Master of Engineering in Information Management.

5) Junu Twayana 

23-year-old Junu Twayana is a civil engineer by profession. She is representing her hometown Lalitpur.

6) Yojana Bhattarai 

Yojana Bhattarai is 24 years old BBS student. She aims to become a social entrepreneur.

7) Nigata KC 

24-year-old Nigata KC is an MBBS graduate who is looking forward to doing her Master’s degree in dermatology. She wants to work for acid attack victims.

8) Sija Chaulagain 

Sija Chaulagain is 24 years old BBA graduate who is currently working as a credit analyst in a leading Australian broker firm.

9) Sajana Pant

25-year-old Sajana Pant is from Kathmandu. She is a semi-qualified charter accountant. She aims to become governor of Nepal Rastra Bank.

10) Riya Shrestha 

Riya Shrestha is representing Kathmandu. She is 22 years old who graduated with Bachelors’s degree in Technology in Environmental Engineering. She is currently working as a research assistant at The small earth Nepal.

11) Ayesha Shrestha 

24-year-old Ayesha Shrestha has Bachelors’s degree in civil engineering. She aims to establish a women engineering firm.

12) Merisa Singh Suwal 

Merisa Singh Suwal is a 23-year-old BBA graduate from Kathmandu. She aims to become a social entrepreneur and is currently working as a training coordinator in Nepal Realistic Solution.

13) Neha Sarkar

Neha Sarkar is 22 years old. She is doing her MBBS from Bangladesh and aspires to be a gynecologist.

14) Simal Kanaujiya 

24-year-old Simal Kanaujiya is an MBA graduate from Kathmandu University. She has worked as MC and is looking forward to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

15) Sona Shrestha 

Sona Shrestha is representing Kavre. The 24-year-old holds a bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory technology. She is the owner of online skincare and makeup store.

16) Rushmita Shahi 

Rushmita Shahi is 23 years old. She is a hotel management graduate.

17) Supriya Shrestha 

24-year-old Supriya Shrestha comes from Kathmandu. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Social work. She is also the founder of Pradox City Inc and TV presenter/producer at the image channel.

18) Namrata Shrestha

Namrata Shrestha is 23 years old. She has a master’s degree in sociology.  [Namrata Shrestha is Miss Nepal World 2020]

19) Sandhya Sharma 

Sandhya Sharma is representing Mahottari .She has MSc in forestry.

20) Pragati Shrestha 

24-year-old Pragati Shrestha is representing Kathmandu. She is a BBA graduate and is working as an entrepreneur at Euphoria Nepal.

21) Astika Shrestha

Astika Shrestha is a 25 years old girl from Kathmandu who is currently working as an MBBS intern doctor.




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