“Messi or Ronaldo?” I Would Say Ronaldinho!

messi vs Ronaldo

messi or Ronaldo

“Messi or Ronaldo?”One of the most talked about and most answer seeking question in the modern football. There has been a lot of debates and lot of talks. In fact it seems as if the whole world is
divided with no side a clear winner. Of course, for the past 10 or so years Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
have dominated the world football. But are they the best player ever to grace the beautiful game in the
modern times? Yeah, one might argue that Pele, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff or George Best are the
best ever, but the talk is about modern football. In the modern times, Messi and Cristiano, both have
cemented their position firmly among the best, but it is often said that during his prime, Ronaldinho was
probably the most unique and magical player ever to grace the game. There are some who say that he is
the best player of the modern times, and the case has a lot of basis too.
Most of us (including me) were attracted to the footballing world because of the Brazilian team of the
2000s. The "R"s of the football were taking the world by storm. Ronaldo el phenomen, Rivaldo, Roberto
Carlos and Ronaldinho. All the players showed new perception in football and among them Ronaldinho
was probably the ultimate showman. During the age of players of supreme quality like David Beckham,
Luis Figo, Zidane, Raul, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp just to name a few, Ronaldinho established
himself as the most unique and dominant player. He did things no one thought was possible in the 90
minutes of football. Using the skills and tricks of futsal in the football pitch was unthinkable before
Ronaldinho arrived. He used to perform them and dare I say made it look easier than eating a cake. He
did things just because he could. He hit the cross bar returned the ball to his feet and hit the cross bar
and continued the passing just because he could. He was such a showman. People turned up to the see
foot ball just for him. He destroyed defence lines with such ease and often made fool of the opponents.
Sergio Ramos and Roberto Carlos both have admitted that facing Ronaldinho was the hardest task as

His teammates often describe him as a pure magician. Eric Gudjohnsen said that Ronaldinho defied
physics. He could do whatever he wanted with the ball. Another of the Ronaldinho&’s teammate Deco
was once asked if Messi was better or Cristiano, his answer was Ronaldinho. Several other player have
also openly said that Ronaldinho was probably the best player of the modern times. David Beckham
once said that during a time in Ronaldinho’s peak, he was almost unplayable as an opponent.


During his time in football, Ronaldinho won almost all the trophies he possibly could. Yet the
humbleness and ever smiling face of his never faded. He was loved not only by the supporters but also
opposition team and fans. He happens to be the Barcelona player applauded by Real Madrid fans at
their own home stadium for his dominant performance in 2005 el clasico. Such a feat had only been
earned by the Argentine great Diego Maradona. Ronaldinho himself claims that as one of his best
moments in career.
There are some who believe that Ronaldinho didn’t take his games and career seriously and hence his
short prime age. But we can only imagine how it would be if he could continue his peak form. The one
who won it all, captured everyone’s heart in one hell of a great career is and will be remembered as the
person who charmed and attracted the world football. Even after the recent retirement, in days to
come, his talks and games will forever remain as a great show piece for the footballe fans around the
Ronaldinho, a legend of football who brought smile to millions of the footballing fans around the world,
will forever be remembered.

Article By – Arun Kumar Bastola



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