5 most effective meditation techniques for beginners

5 most effective meditation techniques for beginners

Are you planning to start meditation? But has no idea where to start. Then, you can begin with simple and effective meditation techniques for beginners. Meditation is effective only when you continue doing it daily.

In today’s life, we are busy acquiring materialistic things. But, mental health and emotional calmness are equally crucial for healthy living. Realizing this, the craze for meditation has been increasing among people nowadays. 

However, many people feel difficult to continue even after beginning meditation due to a lack of proper guidance. Now do not worry. We have come up with effective meditation techniques for beginners. 

Let’s try these 5 most effective meditation techniques for beginners and do not look back. Keep reading for detailed information.

5 most effective meditation techniques for beginners

If you are a beginner, then there might be a chance of getting confused with hundreds of ways and confusing terms of meditation techniques people tell you. But, every mediation technique has the same purpose, i.e., to relax your mind and make you calm. Now, do not get confused. Here are five meditation techniques mainly for beginners.


Sudarshan Kriya is one of the easiest meditation techniques for beginners. It is a unique breathing exercise that includes slow and calm breathing followed by rapid cyclically. Thus, this technique helps in controlling our breathing patterns. Hence makes you feel better by reducing stress, psychological problems and boosting your immune system. Most importantly, it is free, but all you need is some dedication to continue.

Sudarshan Kriya

How to do Sudarshan kriya ?

First, sit in the Vajrasana position and do these step by step:

  • Victorious Breath (Ujjayi)

It is the slow breathing process where you take only 2-4 breaths in a minute. Inhale and exhale in a relaxed manner at an equal time interval. It makes you calm.

  • Bellows Breath (Bhastrika)

It is the just opposite process of Ujjayi, where you will be breathing very forcefully and rapidly. Inhalation is short, followed by a twice more extended exhalation period than inhalation. You have to take about 30 breaths per minute.

  •  Chanting Om

After the fast breathing, chant pure “OM” twice in a single row, take a break and continue. It will help you connect with your inner soul.

  • Purifying Breath (Kriya)

It is the final but the most crucial step in increasing your breathing from slow to fast cyclically and rhythmically. Inhalation time should be twice as compared to exhalation.

The whole process can take about 30-45 minutes.



It is an effortless meditation technique for beginners. You have to repeat the sound “sa, ta, na, ma” for like 10-15 minutes in this technique. First, sit comfortably, then begin repeating the “sa, ta, na, ma” sound loud or to yourself. 

Along with sequentially moving your finger with each sound, touch the successive fingers to your thumb finger. First, touch your index finger to the thumbs of each hand while saying “sa,” then touch the middle finger to your thumb while saying “ta,” so on.

This technique improves the blood circulation in your brain-boosting memories. It has been proved effective for Alzheimer’s patients. 

Kiratan Kriya
Kiratan Kriya meditation

3. Metta meditation/Loving Kindness Meditation

It is one of the most effective and simple meditation techniques for beginners. In this technique, you can bring a drastic change in your attitude by reciting some phrases daily. It is the technique of directing good wishes to others.

In this technique, first, you sit in a comfortable position. Make yourselves calm by taking few breaths. After that, you will show love and kindness to yourself and your family and friends by slowly reciting words.

 For example, by repeating- “My family and I will always be happy, safe, and I will do well to everyone today.” just an example. You can make your own phrase that shows gratitude towards yourself and the people around you.

loving kindness Meditation


Mindfulness involves living in the present moment without worrying about the past or future. So, you sit in a relaxed position by closing your eye focused on the breathing pattern without thinking about anything. It sounds easy, but actually, you need some practice to focus. You can concentrate on some sounds in the beginning. Make sure to avoid distractions. This meditation technique will make you more focused and calm.

mindfulness meditation
mindfulness meditation


Walking or movement meditation is one of the best meditation techniques for beginners who cannot sit still in one place. You can do this walking meditation anytime and anywhere. But, walking while, listening to some music or talking on the phone is not counted as movement meditation.

For effective walking meditation, you have to focus on something and pay undivided attention to that thought or thing. Remove unwanted reviews soon while walking only this way the mediation will be effective. Another form of movement mediation you can follow is yoga.

Movement meditation

walking meditation

Here are some tips for following these effective meditation techniques for beginners:

  • Be patient and calm; do not fall for quick results as meditation is a slow process.
  • Allot your time daily for meditation and make it a habit.
  • You can take free meditation tutorials or classes to built interest in it.
  • Be clear about your primary motive for meditation, and only then select the proper meditation technique.


Do not wait for tomorrow; start now with these simple and most effective meditation techniques for beginners. Meditate and move towards a healthy life!