Man Behind the Anxmus Music – Avi Jung Xetrii

anxmus music
If you are following Nepali Vloggers and Video Creators, then you probably have listened to Anxmus Music in the background at least once. Yes! Anxmus Music has been winning the creator’s heart, especially among vloggers and TikTokers in recent days.
I personally love the Anxmus Music as it serves authentic typical Nepali flavor. Avi Jung Xetrii from Damak, Jhapa is a man behind the Anxmus Music who has been creating melodious sounds for years.  He uploads his NCS [No Copyright Sounds] on his official Youtube Channel Anxmus Music. He is inspired by a lot of international DJs since his teenage and learned some basic requirements needed to be an EDM producer. He learned to create sound bits from Youtube and kept learning.
Now he is already in the heart of many creators and music lovers.
His recent upload “Music From East Nepal 2.0″ in collaboration with Suraj RT is such a masterpiece. Thousands of TikTokers have used this track. Another sound “Music From East Nepal- EP1is also going trending on social media.
So, in this article, I am presenting short chitchat with Avi Jung Xetrii, a man behind the Anxmus Music.
Here it goes ….

NT –  Hello, Can you please introduce yourself?
Anxmus –  Hi, I am Avi Jung Xetrii. Am an electronic music producer. I currently live in Damak, Jhapa, NEPAL.

NT – How Anxmus got its name?
Anxmus – Anxmus is relevant to my personal details stating its full form, i.e,
A – Avishek
N  – Niroula
X  – Xettri or Chhetri
MUS – Music ….which has been inspired by Canadian EDM producer/DJ(Deadmau5).

NT –  Ho did you get into the music field? or what inspired you at first?
Anxmus –  I have been inspired by a lot of international DJs since my teenage and learned some basic requirements needed to be an EDM producer. As I worked on I learned more of it every day and every project I try and youtube as a prime guide.

NT – What makes your music stand out in the crowd? Why it is being popular?
Anxmus – As a producer, I study authentic Nepali sounds keeping in mind to fuse Nepali music with electronic music. I always provide free copyright to all content creators. It may be the reason which grabs all age sorts.

NT – Have your say about your music going viral on TikTok, Vlogs, Videos
Anxmus – I would humbly like to lay down my honest gratitude for appreciating my work and using it in different contents, and all my fellow mates for supporting me in my various works. I hope to keep the same excitement to every viewer in the coming dates too.

NT – Are all of your music NCS? or how one can use your music? or how can they give you credit?
Anxmus – All musics are not NCS, but some of them are due to collaboration rights. Anyone can use my NCS music using the description links provided.

NT – What do you do besides making music? 
Anxmus – As of now, It is a full-time thing I would say.

NT –  and future plan?
Anxmus – The only thing I want to plan is to make the world recognize Nepali authentic electronic music and instruments.

NT – Final words for our readers and your audiences? 
Anxmus – let’s Nepali music be known all over the world and with all the supports and well wishes I would always be rendering new works and promote and collab music with the Nepali version of taste. Thank you so much Nepali Trends team for supporting, and giving this opportunity to share something about me!
Avi jung Xetrii aka Anxmus Music

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