9 great low maintenance indoor plants that anyone can grow easily

low maintenance indoor plants

Many of us love to grow indoor plants, but it is pretty stressful while keeping them alive and thriving. Do not worry; we have come up with low maintenance indoor plants even beginners can grow easily.

Growing indoor plants itself is very pleasing at the same time stressful too. But, with the low-maintenance indoor plants, home décor will become much more manageable. And, despite your negligence, forgetful nature or hectic work life, you can bring the touch of green at your space. Isn’t it great?

Have a look at the list below that will easily fit into your house with minimal effort and care.

9 low maintenance indoor plants

1.     Pothos

If you are forgetful about watering your plants, then Pothos are the best low maintenance indoor plants. It grows rapidly and has striking, beautiful variegated heart-shaped leaves. Most importantly, they thrive well under any condition from bright to low light.

Pothos, also called devil’s ivy, are vines so you can grow on poles or trellis. You can easily maintain their shape and size by training and pruning. Besides aesthetic value, they perform as a natural air purifier.

Pothos- Low maintenance indoor plants

2.      Mini money tree- low maintenance indoor plant

If you are looking for pet-friendly affordable, and easy to maintain houseplants, then Mini money tree can be a great choice. The sturdy plant has a unique shape and thrives well in medium to bright light.

3       Spider plants

It is one of the best, easy-to-maintain indoor plants that anyone can grow. If you have low or bright light, they thrive equally great in both cases.

The extra resilient spider plants perform best when kept in a hanging basket in front of a window. But you can place them anywhere.

4       ZZ plants

Thick and rubbery leaves of ZZ plants look similar to fern or palm. Many indoor plant growers love them due to minimal requirements. With minimal water and low light, they can give good results.

5       English Ivy-  low maintenance indoor plants

English Ivy, a beautiful trailing plant, is versatile foliage that gives the best result in pots or hanging baskets. It proliferates rapidly, but you can maintain it easily by pruning.

Moreover, they filter your surrounding air and make it breathable.

Low maintenance indoor plants - English Ivy

6       Lucky bamboo

Unique lucky bamboo plants are easy- to- maintain indoor plants that can even grow in soilless condition. They can thrive for months in water in complete negligence. Therefore, you can bring greenery to your home without making any effort.

Further, it is believed that keeping these plants will bring luck and charm to your house.

Low maintenance indoor plants - Lucky bamboo

7       Philodendron

Philodendron is another excellent starter fast-growing indoor plant. And, they have beautiful heart-shaped leaves similar to the Pothos plant. Moreover, they come in various shapes and sizes, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Low maintenance indoor plants - Philodendron

8       Chinese Evergreen- easy to maintain plants

If you do not have plenty of natural lights at your home, it is an excellent foliage plant. The beautiful lance-shaped variegated leaves will surely add charm and beauty to your space.

The slow-growing plants can live for several years. Besides, they can survive weeks without water for weeks.

Low maintenance indoor plants - Chinese Evergreen

9       Aloe

Last but not least, Aloe is an easy, low-maintenance indoor plant to add to your space. Besides the aesthetic value, they are rich in medicinal properties.

Low maintenance indoor plants - Aloe

These are the 9 unique low maintenance indoor plants that anyone can grow in their space. Which is your favorite indoor plant? Let us know in the comment section.

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