Top 10 Reasons you should start listening to Podcasts

Top 10 Reasons you should start listening to Podcasts

Before jumping into why you should begin to listen to podcasts, let’s know first what actually podcast is.

Many of us are familiar with the term podcast. In simple words, the podcast is a digital audio file that you can download and hear anywhere doing anything. There are more than 700 K podcasts that you can listen to according to your interest.

Podcast has been around us for more than a decade. But, it became more popular when the series “Serial” released in 2014. After then, there are hundreds of kinds of stuff that you can tune to it.

Top 10 reasons you should listen to podcasts:

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I will tell you why you should begin to listen to podcasts along with some of the best podcasts that you can start listening to now.

1. You can get variety of topics of your interest

There are more than a half-million podcasts that you can follow with a variety of contents. You can stick according to your interests. It is impossible to find a single topic that you are not interested in.

If you love thrilling stories, you can listen to true crime stories. You can also make yourself updated by listening to the news.

There are contents in every aspect of your life. You can find podcasts on comedy, thrilling experiences, movies, about psychology, business, and literally on anything. You can choose anything and start to listen to podcasts.

2 .Improves your concentration

While watching on TV or YouTube, our brain is also responding to visual impacts. Due to which we may not be able to retain all the information from videos. But, when we listen to podcasts, only our ears will do the job for us.

We simultaneously imagine the podcasts while listening. It will help in better retention and also increase our concentration.

3. You can learn anywhere doing anything

If you cannot stick to one thing or have a busy schedule, listening to podcasts can be a great solution. While listening to podcasts, you can do your household chores or go on a walk or drive.

It can be a perfect replacement for your books because books cannot be accessible every time. So, we can entertain ourselves while doing other activities. Also, listening to the podcast will ease and help you lighten your workload. Without disturbing our schedule, we can take time for ourselves too.


4. Cut down the screen time

We all know that watching continuously on phones or television creates a huge impact on our eyes and health. Podcasts can be a great alternative to visual media to entertain ourselves.

If you do not want to strain your eyes but want to learn something new, then begin to listen to podcasts.

5. Free source of entertainment

You have to purchase subscription packages for many programs; even you have to pay for the book. But, you do not have to spend a single penny on entertaining yourselves. There are thousands of podcasts, and the majority of them you can listen to at no cost.

6. You can learn unique topics from Experts

Podcasts are not only a source of information but also a great educational tool. You can learn directly on any topic of your interest from the experts, so you will be able to get knowledge effortlessly and free of cost from experts.

7. Helps to make you smarter

You can get to know different perspectives and persuasion of people on diverse topics. It will help you to expand your horizon. Besides, you will start thinking out of the box and encounter many possibilities to deal will the same situation.

8. You can make a daily habit

Building something into your habit is not an easy task. For that, you need to be determined and focused. But, you can listen to podcasts, and it will become your habit without you even realizing it.

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9. They are usually conversation rather than storytelling making it natural

You must have heard of an audiobook where the author narrates a story. Podcasts are also an audiobook but have conversation making it more natural. Listening to the conversation of two or many people, how they will respond can be entertaining.

You can easily tune with the podcasts as it feels to hear people bounce off each other.

10. You can get to know plenty of unique business ideas

If you are interested in doing business, then podcasts can be a great source of information. Here, you will get a chance to hear the actual success stories of famous entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the best podcasts to start listening and trust me, you won’t regret it.

  • Serial
  • Decoder Ring
  • 1619
  • Why Won’t You Date Me?
  • Optimal living daily
  • Still processing
  • Philosophy bites etc.

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