Kanchenjunga Trek: A Great Remote Trek In To The Wild

kanchenjunga trek

Kanchenjunga Trek takes you on a wild ride through the remote trails accompanied by the lush green forests, exotic species of animals and breathtaking scenery all the way up to the basecamp of the third highest mountain in the world, Mount Kanchenjunga. It is one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal with numerous attractions making the trek a memorable one.

Situated in the eastern part of Nepal, the Kanchenjunga trek lies route lies inside the Kanchenjunga National Park. There are several Kanchenjunga Trek packages you can choose from and they have different routes. The route is yet unspoiled and it has one of the most remote trails in Nepal. Oak, Chestnut, and Rhododendron forests along the way will make the journey more vivid and colorful.

kanchenjunga trek

The trek is quite a mesmerizing one, filled with coniferous forest, shrubs, meadows, and grasslands with Yak, Sheep and other animals grazing on them will make you feel like you are somewhere close to heaven.

You will come across the native ethnic communities like Limbu, Gurung, Rai, and even Sherpas on the way.  You should try the local drink called “Tongba”. This is a fermented millet juice where you add hot water and sip it through a straw. You will get to witness some local festivals too if you are lucky enough. The people are very friendly and hospitable.

There is a visible change in the landscape of the region. You will get to explore lakes, high passes, rivers, and even glaciers. The biodiversity in the region is another major attraction of the trek. Asian Leopard, Red Leopard, Red Panda, Blood Pheasant, and Snow Cock are some of the exotic species residing in the area adding to the beauty of this region.

If you go by roadway, en route, you will reach the green city Ilam. Make sure you give some time to explore the tea gardens and if possible make sure you visit Sri Antu to witness a beautiful sunrise through the mountain into the cloud.

As soon as you reach Taplejung district, you will get the vibe that you have reached somewhere completely new and the excitement begins from there. The views from the window of your bus are eye-pleasing even before you have begun the actual trek.

However, if you go by flight, you will reach Suketar, Taplejung and then your journey begins. Make sure your trip includes a trip to the holy Pathivara Temple, situated at an altitude of 3800 meters. This temple also provides a panoramic view of mount Kanchenjunga and other Mountains from above the clouds!

The actual Kanchenjunga trek begins with the trek to Mitlung. Every day, you will walk from 5 to 7 hours and sometimes even up to 9 hours going deeper into the remote landscape. After you reach Ghunsa which takes about 8 days, you will have a day for acclimatization as you will have to reach above 5000 meters. You can explore the local area on this day.

The journey resumes from the next day and around day 12, you will get to visit the North Base Camp but this may vary depending upon your Itinerary and plans and Kanchenjunga trek package. You will get to witness the up close spectacular view of Mount Kanchenjunga which is a major attraction of this trek.

kanchenjunga trek

The trail is quite remote and off beaten one which adds up to the difficulty of the trek. This trek is a true wilderness trek taking you straight up into the wild. Unlike other major treks in Nepal, this region is less populated by far.

The region also receives a much fewer number of visitors, unlike other trekking regions in Nepal. The trek itself is a demanding one so being engaged in light physical exercise a few days prior to the trek is advised.

Some paths are extremely steep and you must be very cautious while ascending on these trails. This is one of the long duration treks in the wilderness so you must be mentally prepared.

At times, it can even be exhausting but a few minutes of rest will set your mind at ease. Carrying some chocolate bars and water will be very helpful which will keep you going throughout the trek.

Another reason which will give you the feeling of wilderness in your Kanchenjunga Trek is the food and accommodation. You will be accommodated in tent house and in some places, you won’t even have toilets. The food you will get is very basic but full of energy. But, you don’t expect Burger, Pizza, and Wi-Fi when you go on the trek do you!

March to May will be the ideal time to go for the trek as there won’t be snowfall or rainfall. September to December is also a great time to go. Other times besides these will bring their own set of difficulties. It’s difficult to go during rainy season as well as winter because of the extreme weather, Leeches and the trails will be even more difficult to go through so it is not recommended to go during these periods.

kanchenjunga trek

Kanchenjunga Trek is a true wilderness trekking that will take you to the eastern part of Nepal. The trail has been recently developed but it is still remote and untouched with the majority of the path still unspoiled. Some part of the trail is used by the local habitats.

Unlike other regions, you will see very fewer locals on the way due to thin settlements. But, if you run into locals, you will feel the warmth of their hospitality as the Nepalese people treat guests as their god.  

With breathtaking scenery filled with lush green forests, exotic vegetation, wildlife, cultural exposure, and the truly rewarding view of mount Kanchenjunga along with other mountains up close, Kanchenjunga Trek is one of the best trekking destinations Nepal has to offer along with the likes of Everest Base Camp Trek. You will reach into the lap of the third highest mountain in the world and you will have a true adventure in the wild, on that you can boast about for your lifetime.

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