Kalinchowk Trip Information, Trip Guide, Hotel Price, Cable Car Information


No Doubt! Kalinchowk is the best place to visit for #SnowFun #MountainView.

I have been there a couple of times and still not enough for me. After the operation of the Kalinchowk Cable Car, it is easier to get on the top of the Kalinchowk.

Kalinchowk is about 18 kilometers from Charikot, headquarter of Dolakha District. For the last several years, Kalinchowk as been the most preferred destination for domestic tourists. Especially in the winter, you can enjoy the snow and amazing Himalayan range of the Gaurishankar and a whole lot of other mountains.

Kalinchowk is just two days one night trip from Kathmandu. Find out the itinerary, trip tips, cable car information and hotel information below- (this information is based on my experience) 

Kalinchowk Snow
Snow in Kuri Village (Kalinchowk) Photo – Bikash Rai

Kalinchowk Trip Itinerary

Day 1 – Kathmandu to Kuri Village (Overnight Stay at Kuri)

Kathmandu to Kuri Village (Kalinchowk Base Camp) takes 7-8 hours bus journey. If you have a private jeep/van/bike that’s totally fine.

If you are coming on the local bus, you can get a bus to Kuri village from the old bus park. Another option is you can also get a bus to Charikot and get another jeep/bus to Kuri village. Kathmandu to Charikot bus takes 5-6 hours and Charikot to Kuri village is dusty and bumpy road riding for 1.5 hrs. After getting there at around 3/4 PM, explore Kuri Village and surrounding hills in the evening. Overnight stay in Kuri Village.

Day 2 – Kuri to Kathmandu 

You go to the top of the hill (Kalinchowl Bhagawati) in the morning either walking or via cable car. If you are walking up to the hill, it takes 70-90 minutes (depends on your walking speed). The earlier you leave, the better the sunrise view will be.

But if you are going by cable car, it takes 5-6 minutes to get on top (same time for coming back). If weather fevers you, a whole range of mountains from east to west can be seen from the top.

After exploring Kalinchowk, you come back to Kuri village and drive back to Kathmandu for 6-7 hours.

Kuri Village Kalinchowk
Kuri Village Kalinchowk, Photo – Bikash Rai

Kalinchowk Trip Tips

  • Bring enough warm clothes – the temperature at Kuri village drops to minus in the winter season. So, if you are not with worm cloth it will be a terrible night for you. ( Recommended –  Beanie, Gloves, Scarf, Jacket, High Neck, Sports Shoe)
  • Be ready for dusty and Bumpy road -Charikot to Kuri village road is dusty and bumpy. So, better to wear an easily washable warm jacket in order to get rid of dust.
  • Bring Power Bank/ Enough Battery for camera and mobile – no one can stop you from taking tons of selfies, videos, and amazing pictures. So, don’t be upset by having enough battery backup for your camera or mobile.
  • Bring Student Card – You will get 25% off in cable car ticket if you have a student identity card with you.
  • Bring Portable Music Speaker – If you come in the group then you probably enjoy music on the way up and down.
Mountain range in the background, Photo – Bikash Rai

Hotel Price in Kalinchowk

You can find plenty of hotels and lodges in Kuri Village. The price ranging from 1000 – 3000 per night/per room. The average price of the rooms in Kuri village.

  • Room with double bed – 1500 – 2000 Nrs
  • Room with 3/4 beds for a group –  3000 Nrs
  • Room Attached Bathroom/Wifi – 3000 Nrs

Hotel and Lodges services include-

  • Dinner/Breakfast/Tea or Coffee
  • Room with Wifi/Attached Bathroom
  • Campfire

Best Hotel in Kalinchowk (Kuri Bazar)

best hotel in kalinchowk
Best hotel in Kalinchowk, Photo – Bikash Rai

Hotel Mek Kuri Village is the hotel that I stayed in Kuri Bazar.  This hotel serves delicious food (just wow), comfortable and warm rooms, wifi, indoor campfire service, a Music system, and Bar. If you are going to Kalinchowk, then you can book your room in this hotel (Not a paid promotion).

For Prebooking

Contact – Suja Zimba – 049-691093, 9851077599, 9844301650, 9851080531

Kalnichowk Cable Car Information

Kalinchowk Cable Car is a third cable car service in Nepal after Manakamana (first) and Chandragiri (Second). It is the shortest as compared to the Manakamana and Chandragiri but it made it easier for tourists and devotees to visit Kalinchowk Bhagawati temple.

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