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Not so long ago, there was a time when we had to peek to the classified advertisement pages in the magazines to find out the job vacancies. Even the application process used to terribly cumbersome. Applicants had to wait in long and unwieldy queues to submit the form keeping everything aside. Fast forward to today, such troublesome procedures to find and apply for the job seem almost non-existent.

The rise of the internet has surely made our life easier. These days, it’s easy to find if certain companies have a vacant position for an employee simply by browsing through their website. Even the application process is fast and easy. A simple email with the embedded CV and cover letter can help you get a job in no time.

Although the process sounds easy, job seekers still have to bookmark and browse through a number of different websites on a regular basis to find out if there has been a vacancy. Even on the employer’s side, there is no certainty that the vacancy notice has reached among a right group of people. And to bridge that tremendous gap between job seekers and employers in the recruitment process, job portals are on the rise these days. And in that context, Jobaxle.com is getting quite popular for its intuitive and feature-packed approach.


JobaAxle is relatively a new job portal, which just started its services from 2018. Despite being new in the business, the company is serving quite sophisticatedly. The company has already managed to help a number of job seekers to get the job. Similarly, JobaAle has also aided the companies to find the right candidate for the vacant position in their organizations. And in such a short period, that surely is a tremendous success. And all credits goes to the creative and insightful young minds on the team.

JobAxle was founded by the same team, who established TechAxis. TechAxis is one of the leading IT training institutes in Nepal. In the course of its services, TechAxis discovered an absence of a proper platform to guide people in the career building and recruitment sector. That’s when the team finds an urge to create a full-fledged portal for career building and recruitment solutions.

Its services and how is it different from others?

The common trait of the job portals is to help job seekers to find the job and the employers to get the right employee in their organization. Apart from doing that task well, JobAxle does a few things more, due to which the website has been a go-to place amongst the job seekers. Some of the best features of the job portal are listed below:

1.Easy to find the jobs

Although all the job portals promise to make the job-hunting process easy but not many have been able to deliver it successfully. But in the case of JobAxle, it’s a different story. The website flaunts and intuitive and user-friendly UI. So it’s really easy to navigate through the website.

Jobaxle has also segregated the job listing into IT/Engineering and Non-IT jobs. So users can easily look for the jobs that match their qualifications and skillsets. And this feature has made the JobAxle different and somewhat better than its competitors.

Apart from that, the website boasts an advanced search engine, due to which users can search and find a job in just a matter of few clicks.

2.Option to apply for the confidential jobs

Not all the job seeker will be jobless. Some people apply for new jobs with a hope for better remunerations and for better challenges. Such persons often have to maintain privacy so that the news won’t spread amongst their colleagues or the head of the department itself. To alleviate such scenarios, JobAxle has included an option to apply for such jobs privately.

With that option, candidates willing to switch to a new job can privately submit their CV to JobAxle and JobAxle take care of the rest. From finding the right job to conducting an interview, JobAxle does all the in-between procedures maintaining the confidentiality of the employees.

3.Professional-grade CV within minutes

Frequent visitors have extra perks on the website. And for that, users need to register to the website. The registration process is simple and hassle-free and doesn’t take much of a time. Registered users can set their job preferences based on their qualification and skillset. Once it’s done, the users will receive alerts when new job vacancies are posted related to that academic qualifications. And that’s quite time-saving.

Furthermore, the website also makes a full-fledged professional-grade CVs to the registered users. And if such users are applying for the job elsewhere, they can download their CVs and submit it without making any sort of amends.

4.Workshop and training programs to enhance users’ skillsets

It’s needless to mention that there is a substantial number of unemployed youths, who lack proper skillsets to do a proper job. To help such unemployed youths to build a proper skill set and to assist them to find a job, JobAxle organizes workshop and training programs on time and often. And for that, it has collaborated with the TechAxis team to teach the skills, which are currently on demand. Web design training, Graphics designing, Accounting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Networking Training, Java Training, Python training, Android App development training are few of the many courses it provides

👉Courses from TechAxix.com.np

5.Blog posting to guide the job seekers

Most of the job portals only post jobs on their website, which can be immensely boring at times. JobSxle, unlike others, posts guides to the seekers to help them search and apply for the job smartly. Posts like the best skills to include on the resume, powerful ways to start a cover letter, and ways to prepare for the common interview questions boost users' spirit while searching and applying for the jobs. So this aspect of the website is also very impressive.

6.Uninterrupted support and assistance via Facebook Page and Website Chatbox

While looking for a new job, job seekers usually have several queries regarding specific job posts. To assist such kind of userbase, Jobaxle has a dedicated chat box, where users can leave their queries and the assistant team will respond to their queries with proper answers. Apart from that, Jobaxle also has a Facebook Page. You get similar kind of support and assistance by dropping the queries in their message box.

7.Jobaxle Community

That’s not all, JobAxle has also built a community in the form of a Facebook Group. JobAxle regularly posts the new posts that come on their website. Apart from that, other users can also post job vacancies if they’ve come across any. So the job seekers will get the advantage of such additional job vacancies as well.

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