Is There e-Sewa Data Breach? Here’s The Truth!

After the cyberattack on Foodmandu and Vianet, now there are ongoing gossips about the e-Sewa Data Breach on Nepali social media. However, there is not any official announcement from e-Sewa itself, instead, the company is informing its customer to change the password in the web browser.

A Twitter handle named  @Aparichit has recently tweeted showing the partial and censored eSewa user data just after eSewa notified their users of possible security compromises. There are two tweets, first

Tweet – “P.S. Requesting to change pass wont change anything. That was just the demo. Be prepared for something big :). Act before its too late.”

Followed by another Tweet along with partial e-Sewa user’s data.

Tweet –  “Good step with requesting all users to change pass. But don’t you think its late?? Should have used OTP in web login before. Just a demo for your Datas. Check the length and first letter of password if you want to verify. Sorry for those data is leaked below.”

Check out the Tweet’s screenshot below

esewa data breach tweet
Tweet by the Aparichit (Tweets have been removed now)

Is it True?

After this Tweet became the talk of the town on Friday, e-Sewa received number of queries regarding the issues. The company replied to the social media users saying –

“The situation did not occur because of the breach in our end. It seems to have occurred due to a recent breach in third party sites. All of the information in the eSewa platform is stored in an encrypted format and is completely safe.”

So, we can say that there is no vulnerability or hacker’s access to the system. e-Sewa asked its customers to reset their web passwords as a part of their routine security measures. This is the new routine started by e-Sewa so as to strengthen the security of the system. Read the company’s latest statement.


Official Statement by e-Sewa
Official Statement by e-Sewa

How to Secure an eSewa Account?

Whenever you log in to your eSewa account on the web browser, you see the following screen. Now, all you need to do is change your new password. Put a password that is not easily guessable.


esewa password


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