Iniesta to China? Bad for football !

Iniesta to China

Iniesta to China

It’s not been much long since Andres Iniesta, the captain of FC Barcelona had signed a life long contract with the club. The contract meant that he could stay and play at the club as long as he wished. It was a great news not only to the Barcelona fans, but to fan of the game as a whole.

Although it had happened, there is a recent speculation that Iniesta might join a Chinese club. This news has come in horror for all the football fans. Not only in the aspect that the widely criticized high
monetary values for the players but also that none of the players are safe from the vision of the clubs of the dragon country.

Chinese clubs have been targeting big name players and it’s been quite a headache for the clubs around the world especially European. Previously big star names like Carlos Tevez, Oscar, Javier Mascherano were attracted to the Chinese club. Basically, it was deemed as that destination where the old aged players would go just like the MLS. Such thinking changed when Oscar left European giants Chelsea FC to join a club of Shanghai.

Since the signing of Oscar several players have been associated with China. The bad news is that the footballing world has been changed into rather high monetary approach by the Chinese. Players have been lurked by thick sum of money and it has been quite a problem. The main problem is for the poorer clubs.

The situation of rich clubs is hampered let alone the lower clubs with tame amount in their banks. Along with this, the loyal fans and their sentiment comes in question. The fans loyal since their childhood have to see their club and their favorite players go to a developing league just due to the fact that their club wasn’t able to pay the fee.

So, not just for the fans of Barcelona but for the sake of whole footballing world, the approach of China towards Iniesta is a bad news; not in the sense to hamper the development of Chinese league, but to stop making the spot we all love only focused on money and business.

Article By – Arun Kumar Bastola 



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