How To Make Wifi Faster? Simple Tips To Boost Your Speed.

Router setting tips

Updated on 18 December 2020

We face slow internet almost every day in our life. Whether it is important emails to replay or watching our favorite youtube video, we feel so bad when the internet starts loadning.

Sometimes, our small mistakes might cause the internet to be slow. So, this simple guide will help you on how to make wifi faster. I personally follow these techniques to stabilize the optimum speed of the wifi. I have been using 12 Mbps of wifi where I try to optimize as much as possible. You can simply follow these 5 steps to make wifi faster.

1.Place your router at the center of your house


Position of router plays a vital role in the speed of your internet. Farther the router slower will be your wifi. So, a better way to place your router is in the center as much as possible. You also need to consider that router is placed in the open area rather than a closed room, Closed cupboard, etc. Because signal should travel from router to your end device in the quickest manner. Any obstacle in the middle of the way obstructs the single strength.

2. Keep away from other electronic devices

It is not a good idea to place the router close to the other electronic devices. Maintaining distance with electronic appliances can also help to boot wifi speed.  Almost all devices such as wireless TV, Microwaves, cordless phones work on the basis of electromagnetic waves which interferes with the quality of the wireless signal. You should definitely avoid large objects like a mirror, cupboard, aquarium while placing the router. Signals can not easily penetrate solid materials.

3. Lift your router from ground

Signal strength transmitted from the ground level is weaker than signal transmitted from the upper level(few feet above the ground). Moreover, routers are designed to broadcast their signal slightly downwards from its antenna. So it is good to place your router on the table, cupboard, Bookshelf, etc.

4. Maintain the position of antennas

Router antenna
Router’s antenna in a different direction

Normally these days router comes with two antennas. If your router has two antennas then you should align your one antenna vertically and another antenna horizontally. What this does is it will cover a wider range of space for all devices. In general, the laptop’s antenna is placed horizontally while the mobile and tablet antenna might be positioned in a different way depending on how you’re holding it.

It is true that having your device’s antenna aligned in the same direction as the routers can maximize reception. So, differently positioned antennas have more chance of covering a wider range of signals.

5. Replace your router if it is too old

As technology changes rapidly you should also upgrade yourself. Older technology routers may not give 100 % efficient results. So if your router is too old or outdated then now it’s time to buy a new one. You get settings to control and manage bandwidth, signal strength, and user control options in a newer technology router.




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