7 Amazing health benefits of pomegranate peels and best ways to use it

health benefits of pomegranate peels

Do you throw away the peels after cutting pomegranate fruit? Then, you should keep them to get several health benefits of pomegranate peels.

 Not only juicy fruit seeds but also the peels are rich in medicinal and antimicrobial properties. We often discard tough red skin after getting tiny delicious seeds. However, the peels offer a lot, just like the fruit.

pomegranate peels health benefits

So, here we have come up with 7 amazing health benefits of pomegranate peels that you probably have no idea.

1.     Fights acne, breakouts and rashes

Pomegranate peels have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can combat acne or breakouts. For treating pimples, you need a handful of sun-dried peels. Roast the powder in a pan for a minute and grind them in a mixer. After then, you can either add lemon juice or rose water to make a paste. Thus prepared paste is ready to apply to your face. The weekly application will not only reduce acne but also give you glowing skin.

health benefits of pomegranate peels- prevents acne

2.     Health benefits of pomegranate peels- they protect skin from sunburn.

Harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun are the greatest enemy of skin because you can get sunburn along with age spots and wrinkles. But, pomegranate peels are rich in polyphenol, one of the powerful antioxidants. Therefore, it protects our skin from oxidative damage.

health benefits of pomegranate peels- protects skin from sunburn

Similarly, they have sun-blocking properties, so you can use them as natural sunscreen before stepping outside. Then, the question arises, how to use it? Well, you can apply it to your face by mixing fine peel powder with cream or essential oil.

3.     Fight against ageing

As we already know, pomegranate peels have antioxidants properties. So, it helps in balancing the free radicals in our bodies. And trigger more collagen formation by ensuring minimal enzymatic breakdown. Thus, it delays the ageing process and promotes healthy, younger-looking skin. Make sure to use it as a face pack along with rose water or milk to get all skin health benefits of pomegranate peels.

health benefits of pomegranate peels- fights against ageing

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4.     Prevent hair loss and dandruff

Mix sun-dried peel powder with hair oil and massage gently throughout the scalp. After keeping it for 2-3 hours, wash it with a mild shampoo. It will not only arrest hair loss but also prevent dandruff. Besides, it will deeply nourish your hair by making them strong and shiny.

health benefits of pomegranate peels- prevents hair fall

5.     Health benefits of pomegranate peels-Improve dental health

Antibacterial property in pomegranate peels helps in preventing many teeth and gum related diseases. It is also scientifically proven for maintaining healthy gum and prevents tooth decay too. So, you can use them along with mouth rinse to get all the benefits.

health benefits of pomegranate peels- improve dental health

6.     Keeps heart healthy

It is one of the health benefits of pomegranate peels. The antioxidant present lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, thus keeping the heart in good condition. To get the benefit of adding one teaspoon of dried powder in a glass of lukewarm water and drinking it regularly.

7.     Health benefits of pomegranate peels- improve gut health.

Tannis content in peels has anti-inflammatory property that maintains our gut health. It also acts as the best home remedy for treating diarrhoea and any problem related to the gut.

Well, these are the seven excellent health benefits of pomegranate peels. But now you must be curious about how to make the pomegranate powder at home? It’s very simple.

health benefits of pomegranate peels- improve gut health

Best and easiest way to make pomegranate peels at home

pomegranate peel powder
pomegranate peel powder

 Follow these steps to make miracle pomegranate peel powder for better use:

  • First, take some fruits, clean them properly; after that, cut longitudinally to divide the fruits into four halves
  • Now, separate all the seeds from the peel and further cut them into small pieces.
  • Put the rind pieces in a neat cloth or plate and keep it in the direct sun until it loses all the moisture.
  • After proper sun-drying, grind them in a mixture
  • Lastly, store them in an airtight container and use them whenever you need them.

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