10 proven health benefits of Cherries

10 proven health benefits of Cherries

Cherries are one of the most delicious and nutritious fruit. Do you know there are several health benefits of cherries? It is sometimes also considered a super food because it is rich in several beneficial compounds such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.

Juicy and firm-textured delightful Cherries are great dietary food. Start including cherries in your diet daily to get all health benefits from cherries.

1.     Enriched in fiber content

Cherries are a rich source of fibers as 1 cup of it provides 3 g of dietary fibers. An average person needs to uptake 20-30 g of fibers daily to live a healthy life. Also, fiber content enhances digestive metabolism by preventing digestive disorders and lowering constipation. Besides, fiber helps to control sugar levels in the blood and also minimizes cholesterol levels.

Rich in fibers - health benefits of cherries
Cherries are rich in fibers

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2.     Health benefits of cherries- rich in potassium

Research shows that 1 cup of cherries provides 260 milligrams (mg) of potassium. Since potassium is crucial for electrolyte balance in the body thus, it helps in maintaining the proper functioning of vital organs such as the heart, kidney, muscles and nervous systems.

Furthermore, cherries maintain the water level in our body by controlling sodium ions activity, thus keeping us hydrated.

3.     Good for bones

One of the significant health benefits of having cherries is that it boosts bone health by maintaining calcium balance in our body. It contains boron mineral that helps check osteoporosis (a condition in which bone becomes weak and easily breakable).

Good for bones

 Nutritionists and dietitians suggest adding 3-5 mg daily. And, what could be the more accessible and tasty way to fulfil nutritional dose than having cherries?

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4.     Health benefits of cherries- the slower ageing process

Cherries are rich sources of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. Besides, polyphenols and several beneficial nutrients help in minimizing cellular damage and inflammation. Thus, it boosts overall skin health by retarding fine lines and wrinkles.

slower done ageing process
cherries also slower down ageing process

5.     Promote fastest muscle recovery

Cherries are excellent dietary nutrients for athletes like marathon runners or who are active in sports. Its daily uptake minimizes muscle pain induced by exercise and promoting faster muscle recovery. 

Moreover, it maintains stamina in athletes.

 6.     Regulate heart health – health benefits of cherries

 If you are looking for low-calorie food, including cherries in your diet to boost heart health. It contains beneficial unsaturated fatty acids and fibers.

regulate heart health- health benefits of cherries
regulate heart health- health benefits of cherries

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7.     Maintains blood pressure

Cherries are scientifically proven beneficial nutritious food that helps in lowering blood pressure. Some findings revealed that consuming 40 g of cherries daily for one and a half months minimizes diabetes levels. Thus, it helps in the regulation of blood sugar.

8.     Health benefits of cherries- benefit in sleep

Cherries are beneficial for people having insomnia because it contains mood and sleep-inducing neurotransmitter melatonin. Research conducted has also shown a similar result.

Cherries promote better sleep
Cherries promote better sleep

9.     Cherries are excellent for gout.

 Gout is the condition triggered by increased uric acid levels in the blood, resulting in sudden and extreme joint pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties so beneficial for gout. Also, cherries help in maintaining uric acid content in the body.

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10.Boost memory power

Cherries are the yummiest and easiest way to increase memory retention. Besides, several findings have already shown the positive impacts of having cherries daily on boosting memory. Similarly, anthocyanin content in them is also beneficial for good memory and stopping Alzheimer’s disease, which occurs in old age.

Cherries boost memory power

Bottom line,

By including cherries in your diet, you can quickly get plenty of health benefits. Moreover, you can easily take them as snacks or by making smoothies or jams or as deserts. Be creative and have them the way you like and get all the health benefits of cherries!

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