Nepal’s first 4k television by Galaxy 4k

Nepal's first 4k television by Galaxy 4k

You must have heard about Galaxy 4K television till now. Do you want to know more about it? Then, we have come up with detailed information about 4 K televisions.

Rabi Lamichhane, Nepal’s most influential and famous media person, has launched the first galaxy 4K television in Nepal. In a press conference held in Kathmandu, news about its launch was officially announced on 20th February 2020. 

Further, the main aim of galaxy 4K television is to provide quality content and be a standout amongst other television channels in Nepal. Because it has come up with advanced technology that provides clear and sharp image quality. It was pretty challenging to initiate next-gen technology TV in a country like Nepal because other channels are only upgrading to HD (High Definition) quality, 

Galaxy 4K television
Galaxy 4K television/Facebook

What is 4K technology?

In simple words, 4K is associated with high resolution and display quality. We can say it is the upgraded version of standard HD quality. Because it provides more precise, sharper and smooth display quality compared to the current TV channel of Nepal.

Further, its horizontal display resolution is 4 times better than HD television, i.e. 4000 pixels. However, in the exact count, 4K has 3840 X 2160 pixel display resolution that means it has a higher pixel density. And higher pixel count means higher resolution and better display quality.

Besides resolution quality, 4K TV also needs advanced transmission technology for broadcasting. And it requires efficient technology and higher bandwidth.

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About galaxy 4K television

All channels in Nepal that air programs have HD quality resolution. Therefore, galaxy 4K television is the first Nepali-language channel with advanced 4K technology that started its transmission from 1st October 2021. And, it claims to provide quality content with high-resolution quality using next-gen technology.

Nepal's first 4K TV
Nepal’s first 4K TV

Rabi Lamichhane has already left ”News 24 channel”; where he used to conduct the ”Sidha Kura Janata Sanga’ program. This program was one of the popular programs among Nepalese. But, he left all to give his best on his own channel, i.e. galaxy 4K television. And, he is back with the latest 4K technology to entertain and empower Nepalese with premium quality content. Moreover, he is working as managing director in the 4K TV. 

Programs that you can watch on galaxy 4K television 

The galaxy 4K television is now broadcasting popular shows and news regularly. And, people love the content and quality. You can easily watch the channel on your TV for now as it is available on the TV service provider.

Besides news telecast, the channel is planning to launch much-anticipated programs in Nepal. Here are the lists of programs that you watch and entertain yourself with high quality:

  • Rabi Lamichhane is going to host ‘Sidha Kura..’, and ‘The leader and Kamka Kura’
  • Similarly, famous comedian actor Dipak Raj Giri is going to run Crime Patrol Nepal.
  • ”Ko Banchha Crorepati season 2′ ‘ hosted by Nepali super start Rajesh Hamal 
  • Also, you can watch the most popular Indian TV show ”Ramayana” in the Nepali language.
  • Ramesh Prasai will host a talk show named ”Lal Mohar.”
  • Similarly, a science and technology program named ”Avishkar” by Mahabir Pun will be aired soon.
  • Besides, the Indian reality show ”Saregama Lil Champs” will launch featuring Indira Joshi, Kali Prasad Baskota and Nhyu Bajracharya.
Galaxy 4k television - programs
Galaxy 4k television – programs/ Facebook

 Do I need 4K TV to watch the galaxy 4K television channel?

The answer is no, but you need to upgrade your existing TV to 4K to enjoy the high-resolution quality. If your TV does not support it, then it will be the same as watching other channels. But, if you already had 4K TV then, you can now get the whole experience of 4K resolution with a galaxy 4K channel.

Summing all up,

Galaxy 4K television in Nepal has brought the latest technology, and all credit goes to Rabi Lamichhane and his team. And, it has also opened up new doors for upcoming generations to bring advanced technology to Nepal.

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