Former Miss Nepal Anushka starts local brand Makkuse.

Anushka Shrestha

Pustakari and Gudhpak were once famous sweets in Kathmandu Valley. But with the increasing influence of Indian sweets, the original Newar sweets Pustakari and Gudhpak have now been forgotten. These locally produced sweets were used as major sweets for festivals and special occasions in Kathmandu Valley. But now, only a few people are interested in buying these local sweets.

Indian sweets have taken the Nepali market while Nepali sweets struggle to find a market even in Nepal. The issue is serious as Nepali sweets are no less than Indian sweets. With little more promotion and market strategy, Nepali sweets can pave their way to foreign markets as well.

Miss Nepal 2011, Anushka Shrestha thought the same and aftermarket research of almost a year, She founded the company Makkuse where she produces the Gudhpak, Pustakari, and cookies. Makkuse has no literal English translation but it nearly translates to scrumptious. The company’s manufactured delicacies resemble authentic local taste. Ms. Shrestha strongly believes in the power of traditional perseverance and so she aims along with her team to engage everyone and not forget about the authentic traditional desert and its byproducts.

Makkuse recently produces five varieties of products: Pustakari Rosewater, Pistache Gudhpak, Mocha Gudhpak, Chocolate Gudhpak fudge cookies, and oats Gudpak pumpkin seed cookies. These products are manufactured with organic milk from Kavre and are priced from RS 649 to Rs 1249. The packaging of the Makkuse is what makes it feel like a luxurious brand.

With the initial investment of 25 lakhs, The company is soon trying to launch into the foreign market. In an interview, Anushka said that It’s necessary for young generations to come up with new ideas that could help Nepali product to reach the global market.

To preserve or to lose our traditions and identity is in the palm of youths today. Miss Nepal 2011 Anushka Shrestha has done a great job in making original Nepali sweets a brand that can be exported to foreign markets. The products can be purchased from the Gyapu marketplace or the Facebook and Instagram page of the brand.