7 foods that can make your period cramps worse

7 foods that can make your period cramps worse

Almost every woman has to bear intense period cramps each month. Besides, fatigue, nausea and mood swings make the condition even worse. To ease the pain, many reach out their happy foods. But do you know what you choose to put on your plate can have a massive impact on cramps? So, here are the 7 foods that make cramps worse, and you should avoid having them during the period.

1.     Salty foods  

Many women have a craving for salty and sweet foods during their menstrual cycle. And, it is hard to let go of the temptation to have the foods they crave. But, it is more than necessary to avoid salty foods; otherwise, its intake will increase the discomfort and bloating even more.

Further, high sodium content in salty foods impairs electrolyte balance in our bodies. So, if possible, try to avoid chips, French fries and canned foods that make your cramps worse a few days before your period.

salty foods can make your period cramps worse

2.      Fatty meats that can make cramps worse

If you do not want to worsen your period cramps, it is better to avoid foods high in saturated fats. The arachidonic acid content in fat increases the prostaglandin hormone secretion in our body. And, this hormone is responsible for uterine contraction; as a result, more severe cramps. Similarly, such foods increase bloating and therefore, it is better to have lean meats instead during the first few days of the period.

fatty meat can make your cramps even worse

3.     Foods that can make cramp worse- Dairy product

Usually, dairy products are considered healthy foods. But, in the case of the period when the body is more likely susceptible to inflammation, it is better to avoid dairy-based products. Because foods like cheese, milk, ice cream are rich in saturated fats that will trigger inflammation.

Similarly, dairy products contain high lactose sugar, and for some people, it is hard to digest, resulting in bloating and stomach pain. All can make your cramps even worse.

Dairy products can make your cramps even worse

4.     Foods that make cramps worse- refined carbs and sugar

During the period, blood sugar levels are also fluctuating besides cramps and mood swings. So, the addition of high carbs and sugary foods can act as fuel to the fire. In addition, refined sugar increases the retention of sodium ions and water in your body. All combined results in bloating and severe cramping.

Sugary products can make your cramps even worse

5.     Coffee

During cramps having coffee can feel like comforting your tummy, but actually, it’s not. The caffeine content in coffee triggers vasoconstriction that constricts blood vessels. As a result, discomfort and cramping increase. So, it is better to cut coffee and have tea instead during the first few days of your menstrual cycle.

Coffee can make your cramps even worse

6.     Foods that make cramps worse- spicy foods

Despite craving spicy foods during the period, you must avoid them if you do not want to exacerbate cramps. They upset the stomach and increases bloating and discomfort.

spicy food can make your cramps even worse

7.     Alcohol

During a period of severe blood loss from the body reduces the blood pressure. Alcohol makes you vulnerable and increases fatigue and tiredness even more. Also, consumption of alcoholic beverages results in heavy flow. So, stay away from alcohol during the menstrual cycle.

alcohol can make your cramps even worse

Summing all up,

It is crucial to choose a healthy diet to regain what has been lost during the period. There are lots of delicious foods that can actually ease period cramps. So, try avoiding foods that make cramps worse instead, pick high fiber meals, fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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