Top online food delivery apps in Nepal 

The concept of online food delivery apps in Nepal is rising. Especially for countries like Nepal, rich in delicious cuisine, cravings for foods can change within hours. So, there are several food delivery apps in Nepal to fulfil all the demands at the right time.

Also, in today’s fast-paced world, we do not have time for going to restaurants. Similarly, the risk of stepping out due to ongoing Covid-19 is still among us. But, that doesn’t change our desire and cravings for food.

If you are feeling lazy to step out of the room but still want to have all yummy foods, then we have come up with the top online food delivery app in Nepal so that you can order and enjoy your meal with the family at your place.

Online food delivery apps in Nepal

1. Bhojdeals 

Bhojdeals-online food delivery app in Nepal
Bhojdeals-food delivery app in Nepal/ facebook

It is one of the popular online food delivery apps in Nepal. Besides food, they also deliver groceries at your home or office. 

It started its service in 2015 in Kathmandu valley. With a phone call or app, you can get fresh and delicious cuisines from your favourite restaurants.

Also, by using its app either you can order or gets deals and services from restaurants directly. Along with the apps, it has its website and official pages on Facebook and Instagram too.

Bhojdeal app is the most positively feedbacked food delivery app having 3.8 ratings with 100K+ downloads.

2. Foodmandu

Foodmandu/ facebook

Foodmandu started delivery within Kathmandu valley in 2010 and became the first food delivery app in Nepal. It has extended its service in Pokhara too.

It delivers foods from hundreds of the best restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Not only foods but also it offers fresh vegetables, bakery products and beverages.

You can order anything from Facebook, Instagram or through their official app. You can easily download its app from the play store, which has a 3.5 rating and over 1 lakh downloads to date. They are improving the services from the beginning and deliver you to your place.

3.Foodmario – food delivery app in Nepal


Foodmario launched in 2017 to provide delicious homemade foods by house-cooks. 

They are very selective and do all background and quality checks before appointing any home- chefs. So, they always deliver healthy and hygienic homemade foods to customers.

You can order homemade food through social media or by phone calls, or online app. Till now they have over hundreds of chefs who made delicious and healthy dishes as per your demand. Similarly, the app has over 10 K downloads and 3.2 ratings till now.

4. Tatomitho 

Tato Mitho-online food delivery in Nepal
Tato Mitho/facebook

Tatomitho online app has a variety of options with a free home delivery system. Also, you can order from the best restaurants of your choice with no minimum order limit. Similarly, cash on delivery or online payments makes them very reliable and easy for ordering food.

It has 4.5 ratings with 10K plus downloads in the google play store till now.

5. Vok lagyo 

vok lagyo
vok lagyo/facebook

If you ever have woke up at night feeling hungry, then the vok lagyo will quench your hunger at night around Kathmandu. They provide service from 4 pm to 4 am. So, you don’t have to sleep on an empty stomach. Just place an order through its website or app or by phone call. 

Also, you can get to choose a variety of items from a diverse menu. From fried rice to momo and pizza, you can spice up your taste buds at night.

If we talk about ratings, it has 73 reviews with 3.7 ratings and 10K+ downloads.

6. Pathao food – online food delivery app in Nepal


Pathao, a ride-sharing app, has now launched its service in food delivery as Pathao food. They offer you a variety of cuisines from more than thousands of its connected restaurants. Moreover, they have several discounts and combo food offers. Also, there is no minimum order limit.

They provide home delivery service from 9 am to 9 pm inside Kathmandu valley.


Foodmood- food delivery app in Nepal/facebook

It is one of the best food delivery apps in Nepal. If you live in Pokhara, then it provides you best service. They offer you delicious foods from top restaurants in town. So, enjoy the finest food with families or friends by ordering from their social media pages or app.

Enjoy your food at any time simply by ordering from online food delivery apps in Nepal!

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