What is Feminism and five myths about it.

5 myths about feminism

When you hear the word ‘feminism’, what comes to your mind? Have you encountered any feminists in your life? Well, we have come up with a clear meaning of Feminism and the common five myths about it.

Some people are actively fighting against gender discrimination but do not prefer to be called Feminism. Why? Because of the little understanding and deep-rooted myths about Feminism. So, it’s more than necessary to clarify the misconception we are raising in our head about a feminist person.

What is Feminism?

When you refer dictionary, the typical meaning of Feminism is the advocacy for social, political and economic equality among all sexes. Also, it is an organized activity that speaks for the right and interests of women. It does not allow discrimination based on gender, gender expression, and sexuality among individuals of different castes, races, classes, and religions.

Feminism is also understood as one of the social theories, and like other movements, it is also changing constantly. But, it was evolved as a result of typical discriminative societal structure in the past. And, today, it speaks for all despite sexual orientation, age or religion.

The feminist political activist has raised their voice against domestic violence, social injustice, reproductive rights and workplace harassments. And, they try to fight back against the evil stereotypes prevailing in society for ages. If anything violates the rights of any individual, then all those issues are also feminist issues.

 Five myths about Feminism and feminist person

Many people misunderstand the basic norms of being a Feminist. Rather than trying to learn, some people make their own definitions of Feminism and the feminist person.

So, here are the most common five myths about Feminism that you all should know are insane.

1. Feminism only empowers women and don’t care about men rights.

It is one of the five myths about it that many people have. People fear Feminism is a kind of sexism against men and oppresses the right of men over women.

But that’s not true because it aims to eradicate gender discrimination prevailed in society, not creating new oppression. Feminist do not see the difference in issues of male, female or any other gender instead they believe all the issue originates from typical patriarchal beliefs.

myths about feminism- only empower women
myths about feminism- only empower women

2. Myths about Feminism: All men are rapists.

The statement that ‘all men are rapists’ arises from the fear that each woman faces while meeting a stranger or rape cases in society every day. Feminists are against the rapist but not against all men. They seek a safer and equal society for people of all genders.

five myths about feminism- all men are rapist
five myths about feminism- all men are rapist

3. Feminist women must have had bad experiences with a male in the past.

Among five myths about Feminism, it is one of the common myths and tries to diminish feminist. And, it only arises because the listener is not ready to accept the new change in society.

Feminist is not about mistreating or hating men; it’s about creating an equal society for all where no one has to fight for their rights.

myths about feminism- all feminist have bad experience with men in past
myths – all feminist have bad experience with men in past

4. Myths about Feminism – all feminists are lesbian.

It’s ridiculous and aroused because feminists fought against a male-dominated society. And, who does not like the change, refer to them as a men-hating thing. But, there is nothing to do with being a feminist with lesbian or gay; anyone can be feminist.

Nowadays, even men have realized the importance of Feminism. So, both straight and bisexual males are feminists now, including females, lesbians and gays.

five myths about feminism- all feminist are lesbian
myths about feminism- all feminist are lesbian

5. Feminists are against marriage and motherhood.

Most of the feminist activities were for the rights of mothers mistreated from the family. Feminism is not against making a happy family. It sees family as the strength of any person when love, respect and equality among all members. Similarly, married women are also involved in feminist activities.

five myths about feminism- all feminist are against marriage
myths about feminism- all feminist are against marriage

Summing all up,

Feminism and feminist dose not hurt or oppresses the right of any male. It tries to maintain harmony in a society where every individual can walk safely and freely. All above mentioned five myths about Feminism are the result of a narrow-minded listener who is uncomfortable and tries to deflect the conversation by accusing another person.

Most importantly, every individual who speaks and cares for the right of gender equality are a feminist, and there is no in-between!

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