Why did Facebook change its name to Meta? What will happen to Facebook users?

Why did Facebook change its name to Meta

The company Facebook that owns Instagram and WhatsApp, including Facebook, has decided to rebrand itself as Metaverse or Meta in short on 28 October. So, it’s time to say goodbye to Facebook, as it does not want to be called with this name; instead, it will now be called a Meta.

We all know Mark Zuckerberg has recently rebranded Facebook as Metaverse to upgrade the internet world to the next level. Therefore, nowadays, the main concern among people is what will happen to Facebook users after this announcement? And why is it even needed to do so? Well, we have gathered all the answers to your queries, so keep reading the article.

What will happen to the current Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users?

To be clear, the company Facebook has changed its name to Meta and logo too. But social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which was under the company Facebook before, will now be under the company Meta. They all will work in a similar manner. So, don’t worry; the rebranding will not change anything to current Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users.

What does Meta mean?

 The term Meta in Greek work means ‘beyond’ or ‘behind’. Facebook name change to Meta indicates the company is looking forward to the future that seems beyond possible today. CEO Zuckerberg chooses this name to represent the future version of the internet. Further, you can hang out with your friends and family virtually living on own personal space in the future. You will be virtually present with families as a hologram. Isn’t that interesting?

The reason behind Facebook name change to Meta

The official reason, as mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg.

According to Zuckerberg, the Metaverse is the future of the social internet and, in other words, an advanced form of Facebook. The main reason for rebranding the company is to enhance the virtual social life of people who hang out on different social platforms. Besides, with its upgrade, people will be able to virtually present as a hologram in the meeting near future. To turn the Metaverse concept into reality, the company is hiring 10,000 people.

Real reasons behind Facebook name change to Meta

There are many reasons for rebranding Facebook to Metaverse. Among them, scandals about the leakage of privacy of its users created a threat among the people. And, people have started criticizing Facebook and accused it is causing more damage than helping to connect. Moreover, the stock price of the firm was declining.

Considering all of that, the CEO of Facebook company rebrands itself as Meta firstly to distinguish it from the Facebook application. By this, the company seems to distract people from the allegations on the safety and privacy of the firm.

Another reason for the Facebook name change to Meta is to get more investors by claiming as the parent company that will streamline all the operations while handling all its platforms. So, with this, there arises hope that the Apps Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, including AR and VR (Facebook reality lab), will be more transparent and will work with more clarity soon.

The primary source of income comes to Facebook from advertisements, but people’s trust is slipping. Therefore, Facebook name chance to Metaverse, so the commitment for better social interaction and value creation besides advertisements. Thus, helping the company to generate more revenue.

Whether this massive investment of the owner of Facebook Company will pay off or not is to be seen in the near future. The company’s CEO and the investors will surely keep an eye on the public and media reaction. After all, hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of human resources are at stake.

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