10 Essential Skills Every Programmers Must Know

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Are you on the way to becoming a programmer in the future? Or do you want to become a good programmer? Or if you want to work in the IT Companies in the future, then you are in the right place. Just follow this article and try to implement some of the skills which will help you to grow a career.

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Here, we present the top list of some important skills for the programmers. Those lists are personal choice according to my own experience. If you think that the list needs to be corrected, let me know in the comment section. Let get started.

The programmer is an individual who writes a specific code. Programmer involved in specific part of the project-coding. The most common job for the programmer is writing codes, writing unit tests, bug fixing, etc. Basically, a programmer works in the group or teams under the team lead or senior programmer.

Here are the most essential skills that need to be a better programmer are:

1. Programming Language

The most common work of the programmer is to write code. So, if you want to become a programmer, you must learn any one programming language that you are interested in. To be a good programmer, you just need a deep knowledge of one or more programming languages. The best programming language to get started are C++, Java, Python, Javascript, etc. because those languages are very powerful and easy to start.

2. Data Structure and Algorithm

Data Structure and Algorithm are very important for a programmer. Every programmer must have the knowledge of data structure e.g. array, linked list, set, map, etc. and algorithm e.g. search algorithm, Hashing, sort algorithm, dynamic programming, string matching, and parsing, etc.

3. Text Editors

If you work on the computer then text editors are a very common but important tool. And for a programmer, it is one of the vital tools. Notepad is the most used text editor for Windows and VI in Linux. There are some other text editors such as Notepad++ and Sublime which provides some functionalities of IDE’s. If you want to become a better programmer, you just need to use those text editors along with the keyboard shortcut. A keyboard shortcut helps in rapid software development.

4. Database

The database is a server where we store data with the help of the programming language. So, every programmer must be familiar with the database and its concept normalization and table designs. Normalization helps to manage data in a systematic way and maintain the relationship among the data. There are many databases, and MySQL is the most popular one. Every programmer must be familiar with the database CRUD operations. CRUD stand for Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete. You must have the advance concept of joining an aggregate function to become the best one.

5. Version Control

Version control is also known as source control. Version control is a system that helps a programmer to manage the change in the source code over time. If you want to become a programmer, then you must need to learn about version control and its tools such as git and SVN. Most of the organization use Git and GitHub as version control.

6. IDEs

Another essential tool for every programmer is IDE. It is always fun to work in IDEs.  IDEs provide many different functionalities for a programmer. Many free and paid IDEs are available. Some of the popular IDEs are VS Code, Eclipse, Jupiter Notebook, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, etc. You should choose the IDE according to the programming language you chose. IDEs are helpful to boost your productivity at the time of coding.

7. Knowledge of Linux/Unix

It is not necessary to use Linux or Unix for every programmer but if you want to become one of the best programmers, you must have a better knowledge of Linux and Unix operating system and Linux command line. Those systems allow you to work effectively.

8. Networking Basic

Networking is the most important in today’s world. It is a common thing for every people and an important topic to learn for the programmer. Most of the applications you write are a client-server application where the client sends a request to the server and the server responds according to the client request. This operation will perform through the networks. So it is important to learn a network basis for every programmer to develop and support the applications.

9. Skill of Communication

The most important thing for every programmer is communication. Communication may have with the teammate, project manager, client, etc. Programmers can write a solid code when they clearly understand the client’s requirements and make better communication with the team. So, it is the most common and very necessary skill to develop if you really want to make your career better as a programmer. Because to make a successful product, every programmer must understand client requirements and need better discussion within a team.

10. The Eagerness of Learning 

If you are thinking about making a career in software development, continuous learning is one of the most important things. So, every programmer must have the self-courage of learning new skills. Self-learning is a very dangerous disease that determines how much you will become successful in the future in the field of software development. So that as a programmer, you must be able to adopt new technology that introduces in the market.


There are lots of skills require to grow your career in the field of software development. The above lists are the minimum and most important skills that need to work as a programmer. If you want to become a better programmer, consider above skills and try to learn all of them. Those skills will be very helpful to establish yourself in the field of software development and to become one of the best programmers in the industry.

Good Luck!

<Happy Coding…/> 😀

The author (Sudip Katwal) of this post is graduated Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT) from Kantipur City College (2013-2017 Batch). He has been working as a Web Developer for more than two years now. He has in-depth knowledge of backend technologies such as PHP (Laravel Framework), NodeJS and frontend technologies HTML, CSS, Javascript (JQuery, Ajax), VueJS. Kantipur City College is a pioneer college for IT and Management located in the prime location opposite to Share Market, Putalisadak.

You can contact him on sudipkatwal21@gmail.com.

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