Top 7 Ecommerce Platform Used in Nepal for Developing eCommerce

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Ecommerce is growing rapidly everywhere. When starting an online business, choosing an eCommerce platform that helps you scale your business long-term is hard. Your eCommerce software has a major effect on the growth and stability of your company, whether you’re expanding your shop, searching for an enterprise-level solution, or even starting a business from scratch. So, choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business is a must to ensure your business growth.

Ecommerce in Nepal was introduced in 2000 which was only limited to just Kathmandu valley. Till now there are many eCommerce businesses that are operating in Nepal. Although they are only providing services inside Kathmandu valley, some have started providing services in different states of Nepal as well. With the increase in the eCommerce business, platforms to develop eCommerce websites are also emerging in Nepal. Here are some eCommerce platforms being used in Nepal for eCommerce:

1. WaftCommerce:


WaftCommerce is an eCommerce development platform developed by Waft Technology Pvt. Ltd. in 2019. It is a platform based on MERN technology to develop small to enterprise-level web/mobile/desktop applications. They provide all solutions to
eCommerce-related problems and guide you to develop/grow your eCommerce business. WaftCommerce gives you unparalleled agility and flexibility across all touchpoints with your customers for both single and multi-vendor. When you’re looking to open an online store, you’ll need to establish a strong online presence for your business. You’ll need an eCommerce platform that will help you attract more visitors to your site, which will increase sales. You will multiply the sales in a short period of time by increasing conversion rates. You may also want to open several stores in different countries and to increase your business prospects by offering multilingual help. WaftCommerce services will assist you in achieving all of these objectives and more, helping you to quickly develop a presence in the online business market.

The app is extremely functional and offers a wide range of options. It provides both basic functions that seem to be common to all online store sites, as well as an additional,
comprehensive framework for reporting and analysis, a highly flexible payment system, and inventory management. In addition, the program supports mobile devices, which seems to be one of the most important features at the moment. It also helps you to run several stores at once and control them all from a single dashboard. It appears that the script’s expansion possibilities are practically limitless.

2. Magento:


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform written in PHP. Magento was first introduced in 2007 and was later acquired by Adobe Inc in May 2018. Magento operates by MySQL as a database and PHP programming language such as Laminas and Symfony and also has Zend Framework elements. The program uses object-oriented programming, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, and the entity-attribute-value (EAV) model for data storage. It’s an open-source eCommerce platform that gives merchants complete flexibility over the shopping cart, as well as the functionality, appearance and feels of their online store. It comes with a variety of tools and features to assist you in creating an eCommerce website.

3. Woocommerce:


WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress which helps in converting your store into an online store. WooCommerce is mostly used to market products and services. It also makes things more affordable and available. WooCommerce allows you to sell both digital and physical products, as well as ship them, sort taxes automatically, manage inventory, accept safe payments, and much more. WooCommerce gives you a lot of control over your data, and it also supports mobile devices, so you can scale your pages to any size you want. WooCommerce transforms your WordPress site into a fully functional online shop. Woocommerce theme development is a plugin that easily integrates with your existing WordPress site, turning your site into a fully functional WordPress eCommerce website with a few clicks.

4. Shopify:


Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that enables regular people to create their own online shop and sell their goods through multiple platforms. All you need to run and expand an online store are handled by the platform, from marketing and payments to inventory management and shipping. Shopify is very affordable and super easy to use with endless design. Basically, Shopify is a platform for you to easily set up an online store. Shopify allows you to create a store where you can brand the product in any way you wish.

5. Prestashop


Prestashop is an open-source platform written in PHP programming language with MySQL database management system support. Prestashop was founded in 2007 in France. Prestashop is flexible, scalable, and customizable to each client’s needs. But Prestashop is mostly suitable for small and medium businesses. To scale it for a large business you need more expensive models and spend money on hosting & security of your website. Although Prestashop is easy to use and has rich features for eCommerce development, they don’t have an official support team. The administration panel is easy and flexible. Merchants can customize their store however they want to ensure that it meets the needs of their customers. It is a lightweight software that increases the loading speed of your eCommerce site.

6. ZenCart


ZenCart is actually an online store management system that is PHP-based and uses MySQL database and HTML components. It is a free, user-friendly, and open-source shopping cart software developed on osCommerce. Zen Cart is most appropriate for
medium to expansive organizations who approach web improvement assets. The layouts are completely adjustable, however, you will require somebody with PHP programming knowledge.

7. OpenCart


OpenCart is an online store management system that is PHP-based and uses MySQL database and HTML components. It is a free, user-friendly, and open-source shopping cart solution. This shopping cart solution, which is built on an Open Source platform, allows you to make your company search engine friendly while maintaining a friendly and inviting user interface. If you’re an online retailer, you’ll almost certainly need shopping features on your site, and OpenCart is one tool for assisting you and your customers with these tasks.


There are no perfect eCommerce platforms, but these are the platforms that are being used in Nepal. Most eCommerce platforms do a decent job but choosing the best eCommerce platform is based on your needs. It all comes down to which platform will enable you to sell your goods in the most efficient way possible for both you and your customers.

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