Planning to switch to eco-friendly products. Where to find it in Nepal?

Eco- friendly products in Nepal

Are you planning to switch towards eco-friendly products? And, confused about where to find them? Then, you are in the right place. Here, I will tell you in detail about Nepalese eco-friendly products and brands that you can find easily.

Global warming and climate change are rapidly cursing the entire globe. And, directly or indirectly, we human beings are responsible for it. So, to lessen the impact, the concept of sustainable, eco-friendly products is rising.

Here are some brilliant Nepalese eco-friendly products that you can start switching with your non-sustainable ones.

Tyre Treasures

Tyres Treasures - ecofriendly products
Tyre Treasures – ecofriendly products/Facebook

It is an innovative platform that produces sustainable indoor and outdoor furniture. They recycle the unused tyres that otherwise had been thrown into rivers or burnt. Besides, tyres all other elements used in making furniture come from naturally available sustainable products. 

Only recycling unused and natural products like bamboo, cotton etc., they make amazing furniture, pet beds, and light fixtures. You can find them by visiting their office in Kupandole, or you can also purchase online.


Kolpa - ecofrinedly bag
Kolpa – eco-friendly bag/ Facebook

It is an amazing Nepalese handicraft brand that truly follows reduce, reuse and recycle principle. They create beautiful and unique handcrafted bags, wallets, pen holders, lamps etc. They make sure all the elements come from a sustainable way and are eco-friendly.

Moreover, some part of their profit goes for the empowerment of rural communities. You can find their shop in Jhamsikhel, Patan.


The antidote is an immerging fashion industry aiming to produce ethnic wear using existing fabrics. They make beautiful Sarees, kurtas and lehenga that every woman wants on occasion. Nepal is rich in festivals, and for each occasion, we purchase clothes.

But, from now on, you can visit their shop at Pulchowk, Lalitpur, to rent branded items. By doing so, you can save a lot of money. Also, you will save the energy and garment that could go on the production of one extra wear for you. So, by switching to eco-friendly products, you can reduce your carbon footprint.


Eco-friendly brush 

Revive aims to promote recycling and upcycling of already used or discarded fabrics. If you are willing to minimize fabric waste and pollution aroused from them, switch to eco-friendly products. They collect unused fabrics and use them in making shoulder bags, laptop bags, and several other daily-use items. You can buy their products online or by visiting their Instagram page @upcyclenepal.

Bottles to Beads

picture source : Facebook page

 Bottles to beads is a unique, sustainable business idea. It promotes the recycling of harmful glass bottles into unique eco-friendly products and crafts. Moreover, they provide training and employment opportunities to women. They make beautiful and amazing bracelets, earrings, necklaces, keyrings, vases, etc., using thrown glass bottles. You can easily find them near Patan durbar square, Lalitpur or by visiting their website.

Bamboo straw Nepal

Bamboo straw Nepal
Bamboo straw Nepal/Facebook

When you order a drink in a café or restaurant, you will get plastic straw along with the drink. And plastic is a non-biodegradable waste. So, Bamboo straw Nepal is making sustainable straws out of bamboos that will minimize the burden of plastic on earth. They also supply in different countries besides Nepal.

Maya ko Chino

Maya ko Chino shop
Maya ko Chino shop/Facebook

If you always get confused about what to gift to your friends and relatives on special occasions, then from next time consider giving eco-friendly products. Maya ko Chino is one of the shops where you can purchase handmade crafts like planters, jewelry, crocheted toys etc. Moreover, you can easily get all their products online or by visiting their shop at Jhamshikhel.


Paila - ecofriendly shoe shop
Paila – ecofriendly shoe shop/ Facebook

It is an eco-friendly shoe shop that makes unique footwear by utilizing locally available materials. They create hand-woven shoes using sustainable products. So, they make not only eco-friendly products but also keep alive our traditions and culture. Their shop is near the central zoo, Patan.

Reusable pads and menstrual cups

eco- friendly products - reusable pads
eco- friendly products – reusable pads

Every month women have to go through the menstruation cycle. And, the use of sanitary pads and lack of proper disposal measures can cause a huge impact on the environment. Also, sanitary napkins are costly and proved to be harmful to women’s health. 

Considering all of this, many companies like ‘Reusable cloth pad’ are making reusable eco-friendly pads. Similarly, ‘Putali Nepal‘ is making a reusable menstrual cup. These cups can be used for up to ten years.

Green bamboo creation

Green Bamboo creation/Facebook

It is one of the Nepalese eco-friendly products-making firms. They use bamboo to make different furniture. By replacing the bamboo tree with other plants as raw material help in soil and moisture conservation.

Summing all up,

It’s high time to act rather than doing nothing. We can make changes by slightly changing our daily habits. And, that habit can be switching towards eco-friendly products.

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