Dumbest and funniest childhood memories every kid believed to be true.

Dumbest and funniest childhood memories every kid believed to be true.

When you look back into your childhood, what things come to your mind as the dumbest and funniest childhood memories? We all are made believed to a bunch of silly things, now recalling them instantly gives us broad laughter. In this article, Nepalitrends will take you on tour to our childhood days, and silly believes that we assumed to be true.

Dumbest and funniest childhood memories

1.     If a cat crosses on your way, then wait for other people to cross the road.

When I think of it, why are only cats were portrait as evil? Why not dogs or cows or goats? This mythology is still deeply rooted among many adults too. Especially people who are driving consider it as bad luck and wait until another person crosses the road.

dumbest and funniest childhood memories- cat crossing road as bad luck

2.     God delivers a child to every couple.

Today parents have become open to their children. But, our parents made us believe that God delivered us. Therefore, whenever someone asks me how I was born, I used to explain to them how God created me without any hesitation. It made me realize how silly and innocent we were kids.

3.     Dumbest and funniest childhood memories-A blanket can protect us from any evils.

We almost believed that blankets have almighty power to protect us from any evil or monsters during childhood. But, to be honest, we still wrap ourselves with a blanket when we feel fear of something. Am I right? Although there is no logic behind it.

4.     An entire tree will grow if you swallow the seed

How could seeds grow in corrosive gut juice and with no sunshine? But, growing up, we realize how we were made fools as kids. Our parents may have said to prevent us from having unwanted things.

5.     Drinking black tea darkens our skin tone.

Having milk tea is fine, but you cannot have black tea if you want fair skin. How many of you have heard of it and believed it to be true? Well, even now, I heard one of my friends telling others to cut off black tea for the same reason.

6.     Don’t step out of home at precisely 12.

It is another dumbest and funny childhood memory. There is no scientific logic behind it. But, still, many people in rural areas believe in the 12-noon thing. They do not step out when the clock is ticking at or around 12.

7.     Dumbest and funniest childhood memories- By kissing, we can get pregnant

Imagine if it could be true? But, we believed throughout our childhood without attempting to find any logic behind it.

8.     The moon follows us wherever we go.

It is one of the dumbest and funniest childhood memories that we all believed to be true. How many of you have argued with your friends claiming the moon is only following you? Well, I did a lot as a kid.

9.     You won’t be able to ride a bicycle smoothly if you haven’t fallen once while learning.

It is another myth of our childhood memories that we lived believing as a kid. But, among all the funniest things, it made some sense because it was told to stand out against our fear of falling.

10.Swallowing chewing gum forever stick to your stomach

It is another dumbest and funniest childhood memory we all made believed to be accurate.

11.People who died in movies are dead.

We all must have cried while watching our favorite character’s death believing it to be true.

12.If you urinate in pools, then the water spirit will haunt you.

13. “Sakalaka Bum Bum” magic pencils are real, and we can create anything real only by drawing

14.Money can grow on a tree is one of the dumbest and funniest childhood memories

15.Jackals get married when there is rain with sunshine

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