DRS Gaming Becomes the 1st PUBG Team to be Registered as a Company

PUBG is the most popular game and e-sport in the world. While most people play PUBG for time passes and fun, there are some dedicated and skilled players in the PUBG who are making the career out of this game. DRS gaming is the first PUBG team to be registered as a company. These players would get monthly salaries and facilities like other sports.

DRS Gaming ( Da Real Soldiers) is a popular PUBG team from Nepal that has represented Nepal in several PUBG tournaments and won several awards in the tournament. The founder of the team, Ugyen Lama with his game name MafiaNinja, started playing PUBG three years ago. Initially, it was just a fun way to pass time with friends but six months into playing the game, he felt this was something he was good at. He started to take part in various tournaments which took place in Nepal and abroad. He has won multiple tournaments in past two years.

DSR Gaming

DRS Gaming was formed a year ago, after last year’s PMCO loss. All six members played for different teams before the loss last year brought all of them together. His squad includes Ajay Shrestha, Nima Tamang, Pemba Gyalzen Lama,Rijan Khatri, and Anjan Rai.The team has competed in several international PUBG tournaments and won placement and prizes in several.

DRS Gaming becomes the first Nepali PUBG team to be registered as a company with an official announcement in a press meet. Now these players will get monthly salary & facilities like athletes from other sports. 


Here are some of the achievements of DRS Gaming in the International Tournament :

Date Placement Tier Tournament Prize
2021-03-14 1st C-Tier PUBG Mobile Ultimate Challenge Season 3 $480
2021-01-20 1st C-Tier H2o Clan Battle Season III $341
2021-01-18 2nd C-Tier PUBG Mobile Nepal Pro Challenge $258
2021-01-10 2nd C-Tier PUBG Mobile Invitational Series $250
2020-12-20 20th S-Tier PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0: League $6,000
2020-11-21 4th C-Tier PUBG Mobile Gladiators Colosseum Showdown $340
2020-11-08 2nd A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: South Asia Finals $20,000
2020-11-06 1st C-Tier PUBG Mobile Nepal Showdown $2,052
2020-11-01 4th A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: South Asia League $4,000
2020-08-30 1st B-Tier PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split 2020: South Asia $2,600

Source: liquipedia.net

The net worth of DRS Gaming is estimated to be $ 36,800 which roughly equals NPR 4,262,525. DRS Gaming is not just a PUBG squad but now an e-sport company. The player will play professionally under the company and would be paid remuneration like other sports. The CEO of the DRS Gaming Company is Victor Poudel, founder of the Popular page “Routine of Nepal banda”.




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