Devi Nidhi Saraswat- Who Became Social Media Viral in Nepal

Devi Nidhi Saraswat

Recently, you might have noticed a cute girl, forehead painted with yellow color, charming smile in Nepali Social Pages of Facebook, right?

I am sure!  You have seen. Yes! She has been a sensation on Nepali Social media. She is nonother than Devi Nidhi Saraswat!  She is Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Preacher from India.

Anything, anytime and anything can be viral overnight on social media. This is the power of social media. Whether that is simple 10 seconds of eye wink of A funny frog dance, things can just spread within a millisecond.

Devi Nidhi Saraswat Biography

NameDevi Nidhi Saraswat
DOBJune 26, 1996
BirthplaceAligarh, Uttar Pradesh ,India
Real NameNidhi Sharma
FatherMr. Vinod Sharma
MotherMrs. Poonam Sharma
ProfessionInternational Bhagavad Geeta Scholar
Award-International Bhagavad Geeta Scholar Award
-Peace & Harmony Award
SiblingDevi Neha Saraswat

Who is Devi Nidhi Saraswat?

Devi Nidhi Saraswat
Picture Source – Devi Nidhi Saraswat Twitter Handle

Devi Nidhi Saraswat is Indian International Bhagavat Geeta Scholar. She was born in Bhramin Family and taught Bhagavad Geeta by her grandfather from very early childhood. She, along with younger sister Devi Neha Saraswat grew up in the same family environment. During their childhood when their friends were playing around, they are busy with Bhagavad Geeta Verse.  Devi Nidhi Saraswat started preasing Bhagavad Geete from the age of 7. Her sister also got inspired by she and started promoting Srimad Bhagavad Katha, Srimad Bhagavad Geeta.

After their contribution, founder of Siddhashram Shaktipith in England and the British parliament awarded them with International Bhagavad Geeta Scholar Award on Gandhi Jayanti Day (October 2). They have been also awarded Peace & Harmony Award by Barnet Council.

Devi Nidhi Neha Saraswat
Sisterhood, Picture Source: Devi Nidhi Neha Saraswat Instagram

How She Became Viral in Nepal?

She became viral after posting her picture in Facebook groups. Many social media users started to post her picture on pages and groups. Especially, MRR, MWRR and some other page walls are filled with her picture.

Devi Nidhi Neha Saraswat

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