Romantic date ideas for valentine day 2022 in Nepal – Celebrate your love.

Romantic date ideas for valentine day 2022 in Nepal

If you are looking for romantic date ideas for valentine day 2022 in Nepal, you are in the right place. We have come up with unique and romantic ideas that will showcase your love and give you thrills.

The month of February brings sentiments for both couples and singles too. In Nepal, Valentine’s Day is equally celebrated by couples. However, originally it was not our culture.

Valentine week has become an occasion to express their love going beyond the normal daily routine. Most couples exchange flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. However, it has become outdated.

For some couples finding the right place and gifts can be stressful. So, don’t worry if you want to do something new this valentine 2022; we have amazing ideas for you.

Romantic date ideas for valentine day 2022

Nepal is the beautiful and perfect place for a romantic date to celebrate your love. Besides outstanding scenery, the country has plenty of adventurous activities for couples. 

1. Trekking

Nepal is full of beautiful trekking routes. Travelling on the beautiful scenic route can be one of the romantic date ideas for valentine day 2022. Despite gifting chocolates or some cliché gifts, make a plan to explore some trekking routes this year. Some romantic trekking places are Ghorepani -Poonhill trek, Kapuche trek, Mardi Base camp trek and many more.


2. Couple Bungee jumping at Pokhara

If your partner loves adventurous activities, then book tickets for a couple of bungee jumping at Pokhara. What could be the best than fly freely with your loved one and stepping out of fear? So, give your loved one a Bungee jumping thrill this valentine’s year 2022.

3. Date ideas for valentine day 2022- Mustang

Mustang is both a romantic and adventurous place in Nepal. It will amaze you with by unique landscape and topography. If you want to experience the desert in Nepal, then Mustang will give you that vibe.

You can get a lifetime experience there with your partner. So, pack your things and head towards Mustang this valentine 2022.

4. Garden of dreams

If you live near Kathmandu city, you must add Garden of Dreams to your date ideas. It is the best place for couples who love to spend their time chatting. Most importantly, it is the cheapest yet most romantic place.

5. Date ideas for valentine day 2022- Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the thrilling experiences one must have once in their life. And there is no perfect time than Valentine’s Day. You can fly above the sky, enjoying the beautiful valley of Pokhara.

Besides, Sarangkot is popular for beautiful sunset and sunrise, which you can enjoy with your loved one.  

6. Everest Base Camp

If you are a travel junkie, forget about others plans for the majestic Mount Everest. Everest is the dream destination for many people around the world. Being at Everest, you can witness heaven on the earth.

So, plan for the big this year, valentine 2022.

7. Thamel

If your partner is a party person, Thamel can be the best date idea for valentine day 2022 in Nepal. It is the most happening and lively place full of lights and couples around.

8. Boating

Sailing with your partner and spending hours chatting can be one of the best date ideas for Valentine day 2022. Gazing in each other’s eyes, sitting across on the boat will surely be a perfect date.

9. A nice dinner date 

If you are lazy enough to go on an adventurous trip, a perfect dinner date at a decent restaurant can be one of the best romantic date ideas for valentine day 2022. After all, who does not like nice food with their loved ones?

So, first, list out some good restaurants and order their favorite food. Trust me; it will never go wrong.

These are the 9 romantic date ideas for valentine day 2022 in Nepal. Celebrate your love by following any of these ideas. Which one of them you like let us know in the comment section.

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