Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe? What are the side effects of the Coivd-19 vaccine?

Is the covid-19 vaccine safe

The sudden outburst of the coronavirus has affected the whole globe. Till now, no proper medicine has been discovered to cure the disease completely. With long research and trial, scientists have come up with the vaccine to boost our immunity to fight against the disease. With that, the question arises among many – Is the covid-19 vaccine safe? And, what are the side effects of the covid-19 vaccine?

These are the most debated questions after the scientists developed the vaccine. We have come up with some research to give you the justifying answer to them. So, keep on reading to find about, is the covid-19 vaccine safe for us?

COVID-19 vaccine safe for us?

Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe?

It was the most debatable query of all. But, all the vaccines are authorized and thoroughly tested and found to be safe and effective in preventing the severity of the virus, making the covid-19 vaccine safe for injection.

But, some myths have raised questions about the safety of the covid-19 vaccine. Some myth and facts about the covid-19 vaccine are:

Myth 1: the vaccine has been developed in a concise period, so it must not save for us

Generally, it takes many years to develop a vaccine. But for covid-19, it has been developed within a year. But, it has been prepared by following high safety standards undertaking several trials and medical examinations. The vaccine has undergone validation and certification by WHO and other national regulatory organizations to make the covid-19 vaccine safe for use.

Myth 2: after receiving a covid-19 vaccine cause you to be magnetic

Recently you may have heard many people claiming their body has become magnetic after vaccination. But, it is not valid. The WHO made clear that vaccine does not contain any metallic, microelectronic, or electrodes like any substances.

Myth 3: covid-19 vaccine can alter the DNA

The vaccine only acts as a carrier of genetic material to build protection against the coronavirus. The material cannot penetrate the nucleus of the cell, where DNA is present. So, there are no chances of DNA alteration and thus making the covid-19 vaccine safe.

Myth 4: Vaccination can make you infertile 

No such evidence till now .vaccination will not cause any harm to your placenta and your fertility.

Myth 5: vaccine does not always prevent getting the infection. Not worth getting one

Let me clear you one thing no vaccine has 100 % efficacy. As a result, in some cases, people, even after getting a vaccination, get caught by a coronavirus. Many factors like age, previous exposure to the virus, or their health condition also impact the vaccine’s efficacy.

Most importantly, it is not clear that how long the vaccine will provide immunity.

Myth 6: if you have strong immunity, you do not need vaccination

The vaccine protects your body from getting infected by the corona virus-producing antibody against it. The new mutated strain of the covid-19 virus has affected youth severely also. So, vaccination is the only unavoidable option to protect yourself and your family by checking the spread.

Myth 7: you cannot get covid-19 if you once get infected, so you do not need the vaccine

WHO has recommended vaccinating even if you are already infected. It is because the response for protection completely varies from person to person. The actual time for which it will remain immune is also not known.

Myth 8: after vaccination, you do not need to take precautions

Well, vaccination will only act effectively after the first fourteen days of injection. Also, you must need two complete doses to achieve the highest level of immunity.

The role of a vaccine is to protect you from a severe illness. But, in some cases, even after vaccination, you may encounter the virus and can become active carriers. So, it would be best if you kept social distancing.

Careful tasting, authorization for emergency use, and continuous monitoring have been done for side effects and any problems. As mentioned earlier, all of these myths are not true, making the covid-19 vaccine safe for us. Most importantly, vaccination is the only option that can ease out life to some extent.

Also, read the impact of covid-19 on mental health among Nepalese.

What are the side effects of the Coivd-19 vaccine?

Like other medicine, it also shows some side effects. It is very normal to get common side effects. It is an indication that your immune system is responding to the covid-19 vaccine. In many cases, people who get vaccination have shown some mild to severe side effects.

What are the side effects of the covid-19 vaccine

Common side effects

Most of them are mild and last no longer than a week. The common side effects are:

  • Headache
  • A sore arm from the injection
  • Achy feeling
  •  Tiredness
  • Feeling or being sick
  • Shivery or feeling hot for 1-2 days

Uncommon side effects

In some people, some rare side effects can also occur. These are:

  • Allergic reactions :

If you ever had a severe allergic reaction, then first consult the doctor before getting an injection.

  • Blood clotting:

Very few people show these severe blood clotting effects after getting vaccinated AstraZeneca vaccine.

  • Severe or persistent headaches or blurred vision
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Persistent abdominal pain
  • Leg swelling
  • near the injection site bruising or tiny blood spots under the skin near

Summing up all,

Vaccination is the only option that can provide you immunity against severe viral infection and minimize the mortality rate. Showing some mild side effects is typical; it is a good sign that vaccine is working, making the covid-19 vaccine safe for us.


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