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Convert Word to PDF

Microsoft Word (also commonly referred to as Word) is an advanced word processing application system specifically built to conduct multiple word processing tasks, such as typing, formatting, and printing textual material. It allows for effective control over the production and display of typographical works. Microsoft Word also provides simple graphic design, paper statistical reporting, spelling and grammar tests, etc.  

This tool and many other features and resources Word offer to help it stand out from different word processing software and makes it the world’s top word processing software, as well as make a distinction between it and other Word processing mechanical machines. However, there are many occasions where a DOC or DOCX document cannot be appropriate for exchanging or sending. For professionals and students alike, dealing with word documents is becoming one of the key processes of their projects, but often there is a strong need to be quicker and more convenient. 

There are many tricks for this on how you can make your job more structured. One way is to convert Word to PDF online. And we will tell you exactly how to do that very easily.  

Reasons Why You Should Convert Word to PDF

Before we dive into the pool of how to convert Word to PDF, you might be thinking that okay it’s fast but are there any other benefits than that? So, yes! There are numerous more reasons why you should convert Word to PDF. We have compiled some of them here for you to have a quick look.  

  • To Preserve the Format

One of the key reasons people convert doc to PDF online is that MS Word reformats files when they are accessed on a new device. And if you use the same device but a different printer, the layout, and format you worked so hard on will all go in vain and all your time and effort will be wasted. So, to keep the layout of the text preserved, you should convert Word to PDF. 

  • Make it a Universal File

There are many word processors out there, and MS word is only one of them, which means that some of the users you’re referring to do not have the app downloaded. On the contrary, PDF is a universal file extension that can be viewed via a variety of software programs other than Adobe PDF Reader. So, if you wish your file to be accessed by a large audience, convert your doc to PDF online. 

  • Make Your File Mobile-Friendly

With most people switching to handheld devices like smartphones and laptops, you simply cannot afford to fall behind. Most of them convert Word to PDF since the latter files are easy to navigate, and their applications are typically free. On the other hand, Word files need special applications that cost quite a penny and don’t allow a lot of functionality because they’re not from Microsoft. 


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How to Convert Doc to PDF Online Free? 

1. Convert Word to PDF Using an Online Word to PDF Converter

One of the easiest and most secure ways of converting docs to PDF using an online Word to PDF converter. We recommend using the Word to PDF converter by Plagiarismdetector.net, which provides new features in their website that is the most reliable way to convert docs to PDF. This free Word to PDF converter is a smart tool that transforms documents from Doc to PDF format. 

This free Word to PDF converter doesn’t place you in any sort of trouble converting doc files to PDF files. The big benefit of this Word to PDF converter is that it doesn’t mess with the formatting and layout of your Word file when transforming it to PDF. It aims to convert several Word files to PDF format in a quick single click. Only visit https://plagiarismdetector.net/word-to-pdf and simply import your files and press the convert button to perform this conversion. 

2. Convert Word to PDF Using MS Word: 

Converting documents to PDF using Microsoft Office Word is fast and hassle-free, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Launch the MS Word and view the folder that you intend to convert.
  • Tap the File tab and pick Save as from the choices on the left.
  • On the save as a screen, first select where you’d like to save your file and pick a folder.
  • Then, pick the format to save, and a drop-down box will appear. From there, pick PDF as the file you want to save. 
  • You can also change its name at this time. 
  • When you’re ready, press the Save button, and your document will be saved as a PDF file. 


Converting Word to PDF format will help you quickly move your files between various operating systems or computers. If you’re submitting critical memos, invoicing customers, storing consumer information in a clear format, PDF is the most common and stable file format. We believe this report has given you all the reasons to convert Word to PDF and has also helped you find some very fast ways to convert Word to PDF format.

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