Content curation vs content creation: Which is the best strategy?

content creation vs content curation

Content curation  vs content creation – it is tough to differentiate and rank better strategy. It has been the most debated topic in the digital marketing world over a few years.

But here, we have come up with detailed information about  curated  and created content and their difference.

What is content curation?

Content curation is a valuable strategy about finding content and showcasing it to digital marketing platforms such as social media in a way that adds value. In simple terms, it is re-sharing of content for providing extra value to your business site.

content curation

Most importantly, curated content does not need to be created or composed by a new content creator. Simply gathering and sharing the information and content that help boost your business purposes, and the arena is content curation.

In general, every re-tweet can be taken as an example of content curation.

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What is content creation?

Content creation is creating fresh content to meet a specific business purpose. Each time the focus is on the creation of unique content. So, it became challenging to keep up with the fast-paced digital marketing world.

content creation

Content creation is the bulky and lengthy steps that include finding the right topic, finalizing the content and finally writing and posting in a visually attractive way invoking readers to read. Besides, choosing a suitable social media platform to engage readers with the content also comes.

Moreover, the central focus should be on if the created content meets the business purpose or not.  

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Content curation vs content creation: Real difference

So far, you get to know that curated and created content  are not the same. Let’s have a look at the difference between curated and created content.

Content curation vs content creation

content curation


content creation


Meaning As we said earlier

Content curation is the process of gathering and presenting already created and published information on a relevant subject matter to promote business. However, you do not need to generate new content; you need to research and pick good content

In contrast, it identifies and creates unique and appealing content and shares it to the different platforms to inform or be aware of your business or niche. Content can be both visual and in written form.



Strategy It is the part of the content marketing strategy that helps raise brand awareness, customer engagement, higher ranking and more web traffic.


In contrast, it involves setting business goals, identifying the target audience, creating content based on audience interests and sharing it as infographics or blogs on any social media platform.


Job It is the job of a content curator to scour over the internet for relevant content and post over social media platforms in a readable way While it is the job of a content creator to create the right content for fulfilling specific objectives of the business.


  Suitable for


It is suitable for new and small businesses to be aware of their brands and products.


It is suitable for creating substantial organic traffic to your site as content is created specifically for that purpose.


Time Require less time and effort; however, the curator should be good at researching and presenting the content correctly.


On the other hand, a creative mind is required from generating interesting topics to content.


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 Content curation vs content creation: which one is better?

content curation vs content creation which one is better

Both have some pros and cons and work better in certain situations. Overall, created contents are the key to leading the next generation. Similarly, it is the source for curated content too. Most importantly, it helps drive organic search and traffic to your site. It provides unique content, brand-specific materials and has a trend-setting ability.

On the other hand, curated content  strengthens teamwork and network within a similar niche of your business. Besides, it needs less creative work, and the focus should be on trends.

Summing all up

Content curation vs content creation – it’s tough to choose one. But, by combining both strategies, you can ace the benefits of both. Further, you can give plenty of information and set yourself as an all-rounder by filling your sites with both types of content.

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