Climate Change Essay – 300 | 400 | 500 | 600 Words For Students

Climate Change essay

Climate Change Essay For Students

Climate Change refers to the change in climatic weather patterns, change in temperature etc, which brings up its own set of consequences and creates problems for both the humans and all the factors around them. Climate Change is a burning issue of today’s world but only a select few are actually trying to work against it. Knowing the harmful effects of climate change and preventing it is very important.

Firstly, the emissions Of the CFCs and The Harmful gases in the air are increasing rapidly. The Industrial gases released also destroy the ozone layer of the planet. Reports say that we’ve lost the majority of our ozone layer due to the emissions of the CFSs due to which there is direct contact with the sun’s harmful UV rays. This when in contact, causes various consequences on humans and wildlife such as skin cancer, loss of fertility in the soil, etc.

Similarly, industrial emissions also have a huge impact and play their role in climate change. The natural greenhouse effect helps to keep the earth warm. If not for the greenhouse effect, temperatures of our earth would drop to -17 Degree Celsius on average. But, due to the emissions of the greenhouse gases, it does not let the sun’s rays escape which keeps the temperatures warm all over. The Action of the rise of temperature causes the ice at the polar caps to melt which gives rise to the sea level. It has high risks and even threatens to sink the Maldives completely in the ocean in the near future.

Melting of polar ice caps means the destruction of the polar wildlife and habitat. Soon if this continues, the seals, polar bears, penguins can go extinct. Similarly, the rise in temperature also leads to a change in weather patterns. There may be early or later rains, Over raining or droughts. This will seriously hamper the farmer the most and collectively the human civilization. The crop patterns will be changed and the availability of food grains may go scarce. The harmful UV rays can also deform our genes causing a mutation to take place, The harmful greenhouse gases released causes acid rains as well reducing the fertility of the soil and degrading the forests, corroding buildings, monuments, etc.

Humans, in fact, are the most intelligent species the world has ever heard of but it’s due to human beings that their own natural habitat is getting destroyed, Humans ate the rulers of the earth and it’s their duty to protect all the creatures that reside within. Unhealthy management can cause various problems; the recent burning issue “Amazon” wildfire can also be related. While the rest of the world is concerned, the person who owns this vast lust of jungles does not have any concern, while the Amazon is burning up on one side, the Brazilian government has its hand folded on the other. The cause of this is also the increased temperature of the globe.

Humans oneself is responsible for the future of the earth, if we don’t act now, it will be too late in the future.  Each one’s government should formulate and implement laws regarding emissions, sanitation and follow the way of sustainable development. If well followed, the earth can be saved on time. The control of the emissions is necessary or it’s our future generation that is going to suffer the most.  Climate change is a very serious topic and working for the good of the environment is a must if we plan to live longer and give continuity to future generations.