Fastest and cheapest CG net in Nepal | Packages, Price, Plans and Coverage Area

CG net

In a very short period, CG net in Nepal has been able to win the heart of users by disrupting the Nepali ISP market with the fastest internet plans. Besides, minimal package price is equally playing a role in its rapid expansion among people.

The CG net company is owned by the richest man of Nepal, Binod Chaudhary. It has just launched its service in Nepal on June 1, 2021, but is already admired by many internet service providers and users due to exclusive offers. Nepalitrends have come up with detailed information about packages, plans, price and area covered by the CG net in Nepal. So, keep reading.

Status of CG net in Nepal

 In Nepal, people didn’t have the choice to pay high for internet service before CG net. But, with its service, new revolution and war have set among the internet service providers in the market. A report on 2019/20 from International Telecom Union stated that Nepalese people are paying up to 1.81% of their per capita income on data packages and voice plans, which is very high compared to other nations.

CG net in Nepal

It has become the first internet service company for providing a high-speed fiber network at the lowest price. Similarly, it was able to grab everyone’s attention by claiming a 120 Mbps internet package only at NRS.999.

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Internet plans and packages:

CG net is providing its service in Nepal with the slogan ‘Speed That Matters’. It aims in improving internet quality and accessibility among all Nepalese at a very affordable rate. Besides, it provides a 120 Mbps plan to residential users for the first time in Nepal, as promised.

CG net status in Nepal

 Vianet and Classic Tech were jointly holding the crown by providing 100 Mbps internet service until its service. But, the price was much higher compared to CG net. Here are the comparative packages and plans of CG net and other popular internet service providers of Nepal.

CG Net                                        World link Vianet
1200 Mbps 60Mbps 80Mbps 75Mbps 100Mbps
1 month NRs. 999 NRs. 2,200 N/A N/A N/A
3 months NRs. 2,997 NRs. 6,450 N/A N/A N/A
6 months NRs. 5,994 N/A N/A N/A N/A
12 months NRs. 11,988 NRs.22,000 NRs.22,000 NRs.17,400 NRs.21,600

(Note: Excluding 13% VAT charge)

You can clearly see that the CG net is not only cheaper but also offers flexibility in choosing plans from monthly to annually as per the users’ interest.

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One time installation charge

Similarly, let’s have a look at the one-time installation charge of CG net in Nepal.

1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
Installation Charge Free Free Free Free
Drop Wire Charge Free Free Free Free
Single Band Router 2500 2000 1500 Free
Dual Band Router 3500 3000 2500 Free
Refundable deposit 500 500 500 500

(Note: when a user returns a router in working condition, refundable deposits have to be returned by internet service providers.)

Till now, the CG net in Nepal is not taking any extra charge for installation. You have to only pay for the router but on the yearly subscription that is also free.

CG net in Nepal packages

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How does CG net’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) work?

With the increasing number of users, controlling excessive bandwidth consumption from each household level has become necessary. To set a limit on usage for massive users, every internet service provider implements the FUP system. Therefore, the CG net in Nepal is also adopting this system. It calculates FUP each month by adding total download and upload data usage by each user.

So, here is the FUP of CG net in Nepal at three different levels.


FUP Level Data Usage Quota FUP Speed Policy
Original Data Bandwidth Data Consumption up to 1900 GB 120 Mbps Original Speed
Level 1  1900-2000 GB 50% of original speed
Level 2  2000-2100 GB 30% of original
Level 3 More than 2100 GB 10% of original

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 The coverage area of CG net in Nepal

CG net has begun providing its service from Kathmandu valley. But it is in the introductory phase and expanding its coverage gradually over Kathmandu valley. Besides, it’s planning to provide its service outside the valley very soon.

CG NET coverage

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