plane emoji on Facebook

Is Plane Emoji on Facebook Real? Here is the Fact

Have you seen people talking about new Facebook plane emoji? Maybe or may not be I am not sure. But, yes there is already big gossip about plane emoji in social media.... Read more »
Abiral Pokhrel

Abiral Pokhrel – Amazing Inborn Talent From Nepal

Abiral Pokharel (11) from Kapilvastu Nepal is being another sensational story in Nepali social media. His amazing god gifted talent is going trending in Nepal. He can almost tell all the colors,... Read more »
Amy Falzo

How Musical.ly Sensation Amy Went Viral in Nepal? Here’s The Story

  In recent days, many of us have seen a beautiful foreign girl singing Nepali songs, Especially in Musical.ly and Instagram feeds. She has been viral and internet sensation all over Nepali... Read more »
Devi Nidhi Saraswat

Devi Nidhi Saraswat- Who Became Social Media Viral in Nepal

Recently, you might have noticed a cute girl, forehead painted with yellow color, charming smile in Nepali Social Pages of Facebook, right? I am sure!  You have seen. Yes! She has been... Read more »

EDV Result 2020 – DV Lottery Winner 2076 With Namelist

The result of the Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) for 2019 has been published. Embassy if the United States of America has informed that the EDV Result 2019 is published. Beware of scams:... Read more »
why people comment dot in facebook

Why People Comment Dot (.) In Facebook Post ? Real Fact

  You may have noticed that a lot of people commenting dot (.) on Facebook in the recent years. There is a misconception about “dot” comment or “period” comment. The post will... Read more »
Michael McGee memes

Michael McGee Viral Social Memes – How He Looks In 2018?

There’s a no doubt that you have commented on a Facebook post with a meme. Not only are memes an amazing way to communicate feelings without having to actually think of anything,... Read more »
Dame Tu Cosita Meaning

Dame Tu Cosita – A Viral Alien Dance Challenge

These days, anything can go viral on the internet. Be careful, anytime you can have millions of followers overnight. Yes overnight!! Don’t you believe me? See Priya Prakash Varrier. She is an... Read more »
What BFF in Facebook

What is BFF in Facebook? Another Hoax?

What is BFF on Facebook? You may have noticed that in the past few weeks, there are millions of Facebook users are typing BFF in the Facebook comment section to see the... Read more »
ko bancha karodpati

Ko Bancha Karodpati – “को बन्छ करोडपति ” Now in Nepal AP1 TV

  A popular TV show “who wants to be a millionaire” is now in Nepali version with “Ko Bancha Karodpati” title. After the success of popular franchise show Nepal idol, AP1 is starting... Read more »

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