Bartika Eam Rai

Bartika Eam Rai | Biography, Age, Boyfriend ,Music, Education, Facts

Bartika Eam Rai (वर्तिका एम राई) is a Nepali musician who made a debut on 2016 with the song “Khai” from her debut album “Bimbaakash“. She is currently living in NY, United States... Read more »
Trishna Gurung

Trishna Gurung | Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Education

Trishna Gurung is a young Nepali singer, songwriter, and composer who is popular among the Nepali Youngsters. She is one of the most beautiful singers in Nepal. She entered into the Nepali music... Read more »
Nicky Karki

Nicky Karki | Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Music, Education

Nicky Karki is US based Nepali singer and Youtuber. She is popularly known as a cover singer among youths. She is living outside of Nepal and continuously singing Nepali, Hindi and English... Read more »
Trishala Gurung Biography

Trishala Gurung Biography | Nepali Trends

Trishala Gurung  (Dr. Trishala Gurung) is a cutest Nepali singer, Songwriter, and Medical student. She is one of the most beautiful singers in the Nepali music industry. She is a medical student and... Read more »

Sonam Topden | Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Music, Education

Sonam Topden is a Nepal based Tibetan singer, songwriter, composer and model who is famous among young people in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India. He has got thousands of fans across the globe.   Sonam... Read more »
Pratap Das

Pratap Das | Full Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Education

Pratap Das is Nepali young and very talented rising singing star. He is famous for Nepal Idol second runner-up. Pratap is struggling in the field of music since his childhood. His journey... Read more »
Ashis Rana

Ashis Rana (Laure) | Full Biography, Height, Age, Girlfriend

Laure is one of the most talented person in Nepalese music industry. He is a rapper, actor, and judge of Himalaya Roadies 2017. His original name is Ashish Rana but popularly known... Read more »
Neetesh Jung Kunwar

Neetesh Jung Kunwar | Full Biography, Education, Girlfriend, Songs

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is a young Nepalese popular artist. He is quite popular among Nepali youth. Before his one of the famous song “Gedai Jasto Jindagi”, he was not that popular. But... Read more »
Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Sajjan Raj Vaidya Biography | Nepali Trends

Sajjan Raj Vaidya is a singer and songwriter from Nepal. His debut single is Aaja Matra released in 2014 and since then, he has numerous hit numbers including Hawaijahaj, Chithi Bhitra, Hataarindai... Read more »
VTEN Samit Ghising

Samir Ghising (VTEN) | Full Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend

VTEN a young Nepali rapper and songwriter whose original name is Samir Ghising. Ghising started his career with the song Churot that song gave him a big name in the Nep-hop industry. Today, he... Read more »

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