If you are a fan of a rap song, we have come up with the list of the top 8 most talented Nepali rappers. You might have been charmed by many international... Read more »

Melina Mainali | Biography, Age, Songs, Voice of Nepal

Melina Mainali is a popular contestant in Voice of Nepal. She went on viral after her audition video for her mesmerizing vocals and cute personality. She is currently a rising singer in... Read more »

VEK ( Bibek Waiba Lama ) | Biography, Songs, Voice of Nepal Season 1

VEK ( Bibek Waiba Lama ) is popular singer in Nepal best known for his songs like Eklai Jiuna Sikney, Mayalu. He was also the semi-finalist in Voice of Nepal season 1.... Read more »

Sajja Chaulagain | Biography, Songs, Nepal Idol Season 3

Sajja Chaulagain is the winner of Nepal Idol Season 3. She is the first woman to win the Nepal Idol. Popular from her audition, Sajja’s mesmerizing vocals and her versatility as a... Read more »

Asmita Adhikari | Biography, Age, Music, Nepal Idol Season 2

Asmita Adhikari is a popular Nepali singer best known for her songs such as Timro mayale badhera rakha, Sali Manparyo and so on. She is also the third runner up of Nepal... Read more »

Rachana Rimal | Biography, Age, Education, Nepal Idol Season 3, Songs

Rachana Rimal is one of the popular names in the Nepali music industry. Started off as a popular contestant in Nepal Idol Season 3, Rachana Rimal is now one of the most... Read more »

Sujan Chapagain | Biography, Songs, Nepal Idol, Age, Education

Sujan Chapagain is a popular Nepali singer best known for his songs such as Teenpate, Lajayera and Gala Pukka. He is known as Arjit Singh of Nepal due to his honey-smooth vocals... Read more »

Apurva Tamang | Biography, Songs, Indian Idol, Height, Education

Apurva Tamang is a popular singer from Darjeeling. He is best known for his songs like Sano, Timrai Tira, Manka bhawana, and Udi Jane. He is known for his soothing voice, relatable... Read more »

Oasis Thapa | Biography, Age , Birthday, Songs

Oasis Thapa is a popular indie singer/songwriter who is best known for his songs like Juni vari lai, Aparichit Bhawana, Sunna, and Jani Najani. Oasis is a self-taught singer and songwriter who... Read more »

Rohit John Chhetri | Biography, Age, Height, Songs, 1974 AD

Rohit John Chhetri is a popular musician, singer, and songwriter of Nepal. He has given several hits such as Bistarai Bistarai, Timrai dui ankhama , prayas and so on.He is currently the... Read more »