Why blind date reality show became so popular in Nepal?

Why blind date reality show became so popular in Nepal

How many of you have already watched a blind date reality show? It has become the talk of the town among every people. The reality show is obtaining both admirers and haters equally, thus becoming a popular reality show in Nepal.

The show officially released its trailer on 14th February 2021, with ten contestants having different backgrounds. But, two more contestants are now entered through wildcard entry, making a total of 12 contestants.

When you start watching a blind date reality show, you will realize some parts are being scripted. But, trust me, after watching the first episode, I could not relist my laugh throughout the entire episode. Some of the viewers’ things watching such a show is a waste of time. But, still, the blind date has become very popular due to the following reasons.

Blind date reality show is a new concept in Nepalese reality shows.

It is the first dating based reality show of Nepal that came on this year in February. The concept is based on a British dating game show. The primary concern of this show is to gather youths with different perspectives searching for their life partner. Thus, it added a new concept in the Nepali entertainment field.

Moreover, many Nepalese watch “Splitsvilla” and “Love School”. Both of them are dating based reality Indian shows. Therefore, the show has increased youths’ expectations for exact content like Indian TV shows at first.

The blind date reality show is full of drama and comedy.

When you start watching the show, you will be addicted to it. Although the show is scripted and cringe at many points, it offers you complete laughter and is full of drama. Also, it represents the imbecile societal aspects and the lives of youngsters searching for perfect life partners.

However, it feels like contestants are doing overacting in the name of publicity stunts most of the time. But, the majority of people are taking that as a source of entertainment.

Perfect timing for its launch

In Nepal, the situation due to COVID-19 is still the same as most places are still in Lockdown. Also, many people confined inside the four wall boundaries were searching for new sources of entertainment on the internet. And then the blind date reality show got lucky to get all the attention of such people.


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Over-rise of criticism

The main motive of the blind date reality show was to help find youth their life partners. However, not even a single contestant got their “right one” for themselves as 41 episodes have been released until now.

On each date, one contestant tries to insult another rather than finding interest in each other. Due to which many people criticized the show. But, it is said that ‘Negative publicity is better than not being recognized’, and it became entirely justifiable for the “Blind date reality show” of Nepal.

Indirect publicity of the blind date reality show through social media platforms.

Since the release of the show’s first trailer, different social media pages and members they used it at the content, thus significantly impacting a large population.

Blind date reality show- viewer's funny comment
Picture- YetiYap.com

Maniac and interesting contestants

Besides, the interesting characters and their over-acting make the blind date reality show popular in Nepal. Whether you have watched the show or not, you must have heard the name of some contestants on Social media. Among many interesting contestants, Shilu Pokharel (popular as Shilu Didi on social media) and Debendra Raj Panday ( famous as ‘Classic boka’) never miss to entertain us.

Besides them, all other contestants’ maniac behavior and controversial statements are responsible for the popularity of blind date reality shows.

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