Blind Date Reality Show: Real or Scripted?

Blind date reality show

How many of you have watched ‘Blind Date’, Nepal’s first dating reality show? If you have, you must have asked if the so-called reality show Blind date real or scripted. Well, we have got all the answers to your questions. So, keep reading.

The concept of bringing unknown young men and women into the program to choose a life partner is not new, and it is already a popular reality show in India, the USA, the U.K. and other countries.

Although many reality shows are now running in Nepal, the television channels did not dare to bring a franchise of dating reality. At the same time, a YouTube channel operator brought a program of the same format and made it famous in the name of the Blind Date show.

Even though such programs are called reality shows, they are pre-scripted. The basic theme of the program is to meet strangers from different places and give them a chance to understand and choose one from many as a life partner.

Reality shows Blind date Season 1 has become a massive success among the audience. The show was full of cringe, entertainment and dramas with crazy contestants. The first season just ended with the announcement of Winner’ Shilu(C-LU ) Pokhrel and Kiran Khati (K.K.)

Not only that, their recent marriage video is viral on social media, raising the question among people, was blind date real or scripted from the beginning? We have brought you some shocking findings of the show and contestants that will clarify we all have been fooled from the beginning.

Blind date real or scripted:

1.     Shilu and Kiran relation before coming to the blind date

After releasing the trailer on YouTube broadcasting the marriage of Shilu Pokhrel and Kiran Khati -winner of Blind date, the video went viral. And, people started to question if it could be real or already framed.

Reports say they knew each other before coming into the show Blind Date. They first met in dance class. Further, they had a serious relationship before. But, in the show, they were introduced as strangers to each other.

2.     Wild card entry of Kiran Khati

If you had watched the whole season, you might remember Kiran Khati, popular as Goldie, was a wild card entry contestant. At that time, Debendra and Shilu were in the phase of getting to know each other. It also proves Blind date reality show was scripted and staged from the beginning.

Besides, on the first date, they admitted that they already know each other, but the relationship between them seems to have deteriorated. At the end of the show, they got married, and the show’s maker made it seem like they became life partners only after meeting through this program. But, it seemed it was done to deceive the audience.

3.     First music video of Shilu and K.K

Sources revealed both Shilu and K.K. have a keen interest in the art field. Even they went to the same dance class. Not only that, Kiran had a huge role in the making of her first song. Reports say he even assisted her with directing to singing a song. But, the song has already been removed.

Besides, they even went to the shooting for a small glimpse into the music video for a song “Kin Karke Najar Lauchu Yasari’ two years ago. You can see Shilu and K.K. coming as guests at the wedding reception party in the video.

4.     Seem to be doing Business together

The most debated question is whether the blind date, real or scripted, is no longer base for arguments. Because the winner partner who met and fell in love as a stranger in the so-called- reality show seems to run Business together.

Both of them have S.K. Hip Hop clothing in Naya Baneshwor. And, there is a rumour that the name S.K. refers to Shilu and Kiran.

5.     Shilu and director Roshal Dhahal before the blind date

In the show, the director Roshal Dahal and all the contestants seem unknown. But, in real life, that is not true. Roshan had edited and choreographed the music video of Shilu’s song “Baalyakal”, which is on her YouTube channel. It confirms that the creators of the show and Shilu were already acquainted.

6.     Roshan and Devendra

Devendra Pandey, one of the entertaining contestants of a blind date, also seems to be the director’s close friend. They both worked in the same company making comedy shows and music videos.

However, the ‘Blind date’ presented him only as a flirty and completely strange contestant.

Blind Date real or scripted

7.     Sudden marriage announcement of the winner couple

Last but not least, the sudden release of the trailer broadcasting the marriage of Shilu and K.K. also aroused the question: Was the reality show Nepal blind date real or scripted?

Considering all the above facts, the program was still a hit without a television channel. It might be a huge success for the team. But, they fooled the audience in the name of entertainment.

Blind date reality show- Shilu and KK

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