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Bipul Chettri

Bipul Chettri is a singer/ songwriter from Kalimpong, Darjeeling, India currently based in New Delhi. Bipul’s debut song was Wildfire (Dadelo), It was recorded and uploaded in SoundCloud in February 2013. Currently, he is the head of the Arts Departments at the Vasant Valley School in New Delhi, India. Bipul holds the LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College, London) degree in classical guitar. Bipul has now ventured into the contemporary folk/folk rock genre. His songs are popular on the social platforms such as Youtube, SoundCloud. Bipul credits his father for his love toward music and says “Although I wasn’t able to learn music from him, his influence alone has played a crucial role in my being where I am now. “.

NameBipul Chettri
Born PlaceKalimpong, Dargeeling, India
Occupation Singer, songwriter, composer, musician
Genre Contemporary folk/folk rock
Brand Member The Traveling Brand
Current Location New Delhi
School St. Augustine's School, Kalimpong, Darjeeling
College Licentiate of Trinity College, London
Albums Sketches of Dargeeling, Maya
Awards and Title Top Selling Artiste' for 2014-15-16 and Top Ten Artistes for 2015-16, on OKListen.com, Pop-Rock Album of the Year for Sketches of Darjeeling, Best Pop-Rock Composition of the Year & Best Male Pop Vocal Performance of the Year for Syndicate

Early Life and Education 

Bipul Chettri was born in Dargeeling, India in a family with a love for music. His grandpather was a poet and his grandmother used to play sitar. His father used to perform parent’s talents in Dargeeling and Kurseong. Bipul father died when he was very young.

Bipul Chettri studied at St. Augustine’s School in Kalimpong, Darjeeling and he got the graduation degree from the LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College, London) in classical guitar.

Bipul Chettri -Live in Electric Brixton, London
                                                           Live in Electric Brixton, London

Bipul Chhetri in Nepali Musics 

For the first time, his voice was introduced through the social platform SoundCloud in 2013 with his song Wildfire (Dadelo). This song became very popular among Nepalese music lovers. Later on, Sketches of Darjeeling was released in July 2014 as a debut album. After two years, he released his second album Maya in 2016.  He has recently released a brand new single Basant. And he has performed at various musical program among the worlds.


Albums of Bipul Chettri

Bipul Chetri released two albums till now. Sketches of Darjeeling which was released in 2014 that includes songs recorded between 2013-14.

Bipul Chettri album sketches of Dargeeling
               Debut album Sketches of Dargeeling. Image Source: Bipul Chettri-Asaar-youtube

Maya was released in 2016 as a second album. This album is about love.

Bipul Chettri's second album Maya
                               Second album Maya

Relationship Status 

Bipul is happily married to Sangeeta Moktan and has a daughter. His new song Aashish (Blessings) is a very personal song for him as he wrote this tune after his daughter was born, but he hopes it resonates as much with every person who has been blessed with a child.

Some Facts About Bipul Chettri 

Here is the some list of secret about Bipul Chettri :

  1. Bipul’s first song Dadelo was recorded and uploaded in social platform SoundCloud.
  2.  Debut album sketches of Darjeeling became top-selling album on indie online music retails site OKListen.comin 2014-15 and from his second album Maya, he became the top selling artist on the same online site.
  3. He performed at sold-out concerts with the Travelling Band in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Nepal while more performances are scheduled this year.
  4. He dedicates one of his tracks “Ramsailee” to his father because it was originally written by his father.
  5. Bipul is also the first and only Nepali language singer/songwriter to have been endorsed by Epiphone Guitars (Gibson India).

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