Bijay Shahi Scam. Is he really a memory king?

Bijay Shahi scam

Bijay Shahi’s scam went viral, and a big question has aroused among his believers, is Bijay Shahi really a memory king? Well, better than late now, the truth is among every Nepalese.

Bijaya Shahi was claimed as the Memory king of Nepal, and many people believed in his so-called divine talent. His fame rose when he got the platform in the national news channel. Since the beginning, who claims to be memory king has had many controversies. And many were trying to expose his talent as utter nonsense and fake. Let’s have a look in detail.

Scam journey of Bijay Shahi

Bijay Shahi’s scam journey began when Bhagya Neupane made a video showcasing his gibberish talent to memorize any books within few minutes. Since then, he got interviewed by many YouTube journalists as well as on National television.

His claim of having a formula for reading thousands of pages of any book within 10-20 minutes and memorizing all of it drew many people’s attention. However, a normal person will not even be able to flip all the pages at that time; reading and memorizing is beyond imagination.

He even promised to teach his formulas among all Nepalese. But, till now, not even a single person knows his techniques or formula. In recent videos, he has come up with new strategies, claiming what he does is the result of divine power.

Bijay, while reading, makes some weird unintellectual sounds that no one can understand. He has claimed that he can write from anywhere in the book. But, there is no scientific logic as he is a complete fraud.

Recent scam of Bijay Shahi

 One video where Nelson Derris, a four-time memory champion of America, took an interview of Bijay Shahi has become viral nowadays. Many YouTubers are analyzing that video and claiming Bijay was fake from the beginning. Recently Nelson made other videos where he suggests not to follow such scammers.

Also, some rumours Bijay Shahi took money from many people though he has not admitted it till now.

If you have not watched Nelson’s video yet, then here is the link. This video will find how Bijay and his team have scammed four times American memory champion winner Nelson.

Besides this video, I will tell you some more facts to clear things Bijay Shahi is a complete fraud. Our biggest mistake was, we trusted him blindly, killing all our logic. That is why a boy like Bijay fooled everyone.

Bijay’s talent has no logic and science behind it.

He has not yet revealed his techniques and formulas among people. And, to date, there are not any scientific proofs, and even a world’s memory king cannot memories the entire book within few minutes of blabbering.

Controversial statements of Bijay Shahi

Well, in each interview Bijay come up with some new controversial statements. In the beginning, he used to claim he has gone to NASA, but later, Bijay admitted that he said so to draw people’s attention.

 Similarly, in Nelson’s video, he mentioned he only could read and memory book written in any language. But, a year ago, he claims he even can read and memories even Chinese books or any book.

He has never shown his demo in front of people.

If someone has some divine power or talent, then there is nothing to hide. But, Bijay Shahi has not been revealed clearly in front of the camera or among people.

In Nelson’s interview video, too, he asked all to look back and turn off the camera. What does that mean? Well, it proves he is a complete fraud.


Now Bijay’s scam is all over the internet. Once people wanted their child to become like him, now they are scolding and hating him. At some level, we all are equally responsible for promoting his fakeness all over the world. If we start thinking logically then, there will be no Bijay Shahi to fool in the future.

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