Biggest Bets on Sports in History

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Sports betting is one of those art forms that truly enthrall you and makes you feel alive. Hence, it is expected that players are often carried away by emotions. It results in sports bets that are way above anything we can ever imagine. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the great bets in sports betting history that forever changed the game.
This list was provided by SBOBET 365 from their records and statistics. These are in no particular order and are all equally awe-inspiring.

1. Archie Karas’ $17 million

The man was struggling to stay afloat in the game. It got to a point where he had to borrow an additional $10000 to keep his stake. However, he converted it into a whopping total of $17 million using what is called a streak in betting. It goes on to show how unpredictable sports betting is. But also how rewarding it can be.

2. House betting on a match in soccer

A Tottenham fan went to the extreme back in 2001 when he decided to bet his house on a soccer match between Tottenham and the then champions, Manchester United. Tottenham was seemingly doing well till half-time after which things took a turn for the worst. Manchester United managed to score a staggering five goals that made the entire audience by the storm. The man was left without a home at the end of the ordeal.

3. Horse Gambling

A well-known international gambler by the name of Mike Futter bet on Monty’s Pass. It happened in the Grand National where he managed to win upwards of $1.3 million. A very underrated story and yet intriguing, nonetheless.

4. The U2 Bet

It happened back in 1989 when a Welsh man was at a betting shop. This event has been thoroughly broadcast across channels and is a showstopper. The man managed to rob both U2 and Bono of $200000 and $194400 respectively and has been deemed a legend in the sports betting circles ever since.

5. A grandfather’s Bet

It is a funny story. A man in his 60s deemed it fit to bet 50 pounds on his grandson who was a toddler at the time, arguing that he’d play for the country soon. As luck would have it, that toddler was none other than Harry Wilson, a soccer superstar today. He has been playing for Wales since he was merely 16, a feat practically unimaginable. The grandfather reaped quite a hefty profit. Those fifty pounds were converted to a staggering 125000 pounds and allowed the man to retire in peace.

You can read more about such legendary tales of sports betting here.


These stories of unimaginable sports betting circumstances are meant to serve a lesson here. Betting is not merely a game but an emotion that needs to be felt. Only then can a player truly experience the joy of sports betting. Moreover, these stories of bravery are great fun for those bar outings with the boys. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and carve out your own. Can’t bet on your favorite team because of COVID-19 outbreak?

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